It’s no Japan Historics, but the Hot Wheels Euro Style is no slouch either…

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There are two major questions about the next batch of the Hot Wheels Car Culture Series.

The first question is whether or not Euro Style, or any future Car Culture batch for that matter, can achieve the level of interest that the Japan Historics have commanded.

I think it is safe to say no.  The Japan Historics are exactly that – historic.  The set might be the pinnacle of the JDM craze with Hot Wheels.  Five signature models, all iconic in their own right, all in liveries that are very much Japan.  Add to that a fantastic new model and the debut of a new Real Rider wheel that might be as special to collectors as the models themselves.

Euro Style has a few of the same aspects.  It debuts a new model, the Golf MK7, and it also debuts a new Real Rider wheel.  But the casting choices aren’t as exciting, and neither are the decos.  But I still think the set merits attention.

That leads to question #2.  What about those new wheels?

Frankly, I don’t have an answer.  There are some Real Riders I really dislike, and there are some I really love, but I don’t know what to make with these.  I don’t know what the official name is for these wheels, so let’s call them Lace Real Riders.  When I first saw them I had mixed feelings, and now that I have them in hand I still do.

At first glance they look like new basic wheels.  There is no depth to the actual wheel, and it looks like a slightly better J5 wheel.  They just don’t look as real as other Real Riders.

In hand, that concern remains, although I like them better then when I first saw them.  They look good on a few of these, namely the Porsche 993 and BMW E30 M3, and the Fiat to a lesser extent.  But they don’t work as well on the Golf.  So honestly, the jury is still out on these wheels as more models are released with them.

There are other interesting elements to this set, and let’s just bullet-point through them:

  • My favorite model in this set is a toss-up between the E30 BMW and Porsche 993, with a slight nod to the M3.  The wheels look best with black spokes and the police theme is cool.
  • There is a difference between “favorite” and “best”, and the best model of the set is without-a-doubt, at least to me, the Fiat.  Great design, love the white rims, and front and rear tampo.
  • The Euro Style makes the lack of front and rear tampos on these models more glaring.  As great as the Japan Historics are, it is a real bummer that this premium set, the best in years, doesn’t get the full premium treatment.  It doesn’t look as bad on the JH, but on the 911 and 993 it is bad.
  • Something is off with the 911 GT3.  That metal spoiler is too thick, and the wheels don’t work as well as others might.  
  • Same goes for the Golf.  No head light or tail light tampos really hurts this one, as well as the lack of that supercool red trimmed grill.  The casting looks great, but the wheels seem to big as well.  Strange to say, but I am looking forward to a future basic range version to get a better sense of the casting.  I am very glad it is stock.
All in all, there is no doubt this set will be a little easier to find than JH once it hits the pegs in the US in July. I have heard they hang a little longer in Canada, where they have been out for a few weeks.
But don’t underestimate this set.  Car Culture is an amazing line, and I plan on collecting all the models…

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  1. One thing about the Golf R, the real world model doesn't feature the red trim on the grill.. That would be the Golf Gti. Too bad about the lack lights tempo tho, really falls short.

  2. Something I don't understand about the ''Euro Style'' set is, 4 german cars?? Europe is not only Germany. I know the most well-know cars nowadays are german, but they could add a Jaguar or Aston Martin (or something british) representing, a Renault 5 representing France etc. No four german cars and one italian. Anyways my fav is the Fiat 500, very nice deco along de ''Polizia'' variant of the last year.

  3. I do have to say, though, that new wheel reminds me of some 1980s wheels like what were sometimes seen on the Pontiac Firebird or the Buick Grand National.

  4. The lack of rear deco treatment on the 993 is disappointing to say the least. Even with that in mind probably the only one of this set I will spring for.

  5. I should be excited for this set, being a huge euro fan, but quite frankly it ain't much that I'm interested in. I got nothing against the everydaymobiles, but I guess my taste runs more to the high-end coupes than the hatches. I guess those are what I call 'true' “euro style”.

    The wheels are quite interesting, to say the least. I definitely have to see one of these in the flesh, but I've always been a lace wheel fan. Of course you have to be more choosy about the car you put these wheels on; but on the right car, these wheels would give it some serious class.

  6. I'm with Harpreet on the Golf. Without lights etc it looks little better than a Maisto budget range model.

    Does it have an interior? Is the back window solid like a Tomica?

    I'd like to have seen a wider range – a Jag, Volvo (Polestar version) perhaps an Alfa?


  7. japan historics are way too good.. that they make this series look so bad. designs & colors are nothing special, new wheels make the already-nothing-special designs look worse.

    white porsche for me if to choose the best one. sorry hotwheels not this time. looking forward to the next track-day & trucks series though.

  8. I was excited about this set. But I am glad I didn't preorder. The only 2 that will come home are the Porsches and in a single quantity. For a premium set to not have a complete front and rear printing, especially when there are hood prints, makes this little more than a wheel add. Also the new wheels had promise but the rubber is just too thin. There needs to be some meat more like the 5 spoke on the 911. I can see some other German 80s cars that would work with the new wheels.

  9. The GT2, Fiat and M3 are beauties! The other two, not so much. The Golf lacks necessary details like lights and trim. It doesn't even have any vinyls to make it stand out. The GT3 looks stunning in that livery but the wheels don't do it for me. Needless to say, the 993 is the best here and also my favourite. The livery and wheels make it look like some special edition Porsche from an NFS game (*). And thats cool! The M3 is the next best looking, with the Fiat in third place.

    To be honest, I am not entirely happy with the model selection. There should have been more variety. At least one Aston Martin or a Lamborghini or some other non-obvious car. The M3 should have had a single colour with light tampos instead of the police livery. Polizei doesn't work on the E30 (like it does on the M5).

    *Bonus Porsche 911 from High Stakes -

  10. I question the Fiat being in there, but the purple Mazda in the first set was a bit of a slug also. Have you guys ever driven one of these Fiats? Well, it ranks right up there w/ a Chevy Metro or Scion xb in the crap factor.
    I think these two Porsche more than make up for a handful of Nissans. Cannot wait for the new Magnus Walker set to hit the hooks.

  11. Anybody know if there is variants of these cars? Me and also another friend have so far confirmed thathat there is a m3 with half a roll cage and one with a full roll cage. We both have both varients. Anybody know about any others?

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