hobbyDB Update: scOOmer and hobbyDB partner to make it easier than ever to buy and sell collectibles…

You may have noticed the new hobbyDB search feature over on the sidebar of the Lamley Blog.  And now you see I have posted a hobbyDB update here.  So what is that all about?

I am a believer in hobbyDB.  I met Christian Braun, who founded the company, last year at the Matchbox Gathering, and was very impressed with the project he was taking on – to document all collectibles ever produced, including diecast.  It is a profound task, but if anyone can do it, Christian and his team are the people.

I have mentioned before that our hobby could use a go to place for documenting collectibles.  Several catalogs have emerged over the years, for specific brands or series, and while some are going strong, others have vanished or are no longer being updated.  That is because it is a near impossible task for one person to do.

That is where Christian comes in.  Christian didn’t just start a catalog on a free platform and start updating in his spare time.  He built a company.  He hired a team, and this team now works full-time in Boulder, Colorado, to make hobbyDB a viable go-to for collectors.

That is why I appreciate hobbyDB.  That is why I support them.  I want them to succeed, and I will help in anyway I can.

And the best thing I can do is get the word out.  When I posted about hobbyDB a couple of months ago, comments came in by dozens.  Some were highly critical, others very helpful.  I will say that Christian and the team read them all.  They want to make hobbyDB user-friendly, so they need to know how we would use it.  I watch as they institute ideas all the time.

Like you, many times I have jumped in to the site, only to discover that what I am looking for is hard to come across.  At that point I ask, and the someone from the team will show me, or take down my suggestion for future use.  It doesn’t have to be perfect now, but knowing that the effort to make it better gives me a ton of confidence.

That is why I strongly urge each of you to join, and get to know the site.  It will become a big part of the hobby, especially if all participate.  Ultimately, I want to know what is out there, what I might want to add to my collection, and I think hobbyDB will become my go-to place.

Embracing change is important, even in our hobby.  We have seen a move from forums to social media in the last couple of years, and most of you have embraced that.  Consolidating all the info into one place is another change to definitely embrace.  

For that reason I have added the search function on the blog.  It is linked to the diecast section of hobbyDB, so type in anything and it will take you there.  Could be a brand, a carmaker, a specific model, you name it.  Just type it in and go from there.  

I will also post a couple of hobbyDB updates every month.  Christian and the folks there are good about letting us know what they are working on, and any improvements or partnerships they have made.  When they announce those, I will pass it on to you guys.

Right now I love the potential of hobbyDB.  The cataloging side of our hobby, which is super important, is in good hands.  I hope this is a project we can all get involved in.

With that, the next exciting partnership has just been announced.  One that I will be taking advantage of:

scOOmer and hobbyDB partner to make it easier than ever to buy and sell collectibles

Some exciting changes have been going on in the world of collectibles. Two industry players are coming together to provide a super powered marketplace that caters specifically to collectors. A well-established member of this area, scOOmer is primarily known as a place where enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors can meet to buy and sell. Meanwhile industry newcomer hobbyDB is trying to document every single collectible ever made. So it’s only natural the two companies would come together to build a new, innovative experience for collectors. What does this mean for collectible buyers and sellers? Powered by the unparalleled data in the hobbyDB catalog, scOOmer will now showcase 6X more inventory for 3X the buying audience.

Scoomer is also known for making some awesome Customs (here one of Bryan Pope’s), a tradition that we would like to continue!

Both teams worked hard to ensure the change is as seamless as possible for the community. scOOmer will continue to be a standalone site, but will now be managed by a full time, dedicated team of collectors who will be able to offer excellent customer service and innovative marketplace technology. scOOmer will also still retain its classic appearance (with just a little modernization design-wise!) with the only difference being that customers will now check-out using hobbyDB’s secure payment system, helping to streamline the payment process and make it significantly easier to buy multiple items at once. To do all this, the only thing customers will need is a free hobbyDB account, which you can sign-up for here.

One of the other major benefits that comes with scOOmer being powered by hobbyDB is that sellers will also have access to a variety of features on hobbyDB that scOOmer did not have. Such as

  • A super easy, streamlined listing process that will automatically list items on both hobbyDB and scOOmer (giving sellers access to 3X the customer base)
  • The ability to sell multiple quantities of the same item
  • The option to organize your store however you’d like, including setting multi-level categories and featured items within your store
  • The option to offer your customers customized coupons and/or discounts 
  • An email capture, so you have the option to send personalized email updates about sales and new inventory. 
  • A unique storefront url, so it really is like having your own little piece of the web

Diecast Demon, a prominent scOOmer seller “loves that the buying experience has become even better, and that listing items is now much faster than it’s ever been.”

To try out the new scOOmer experience, visit www.scoomer.com.

5 Replies to “hobbyDB Update: scOOmer and hobbyDB partner to make it easier than ever to buy and sell collectibles…”

  1. I have one major gripe that I hope to pass on to the developers – please offer an option to have a default view of the country you wish to ship to, instead of having to click through every listing if you don't live in the US.

  2. I have one major gripe that I hope to pass on to the developers – please offer an option to have a default view of the country you wish to ship to, instead of having to click through every listing if you don't live in the US.

  3. Thanks for the comment, I have taken note of it. We still have lots of plans for improvements including setting your own country and then see only postage to that country.

  4. Don't know if this have already been brought up but Is there a way to have it where if you type a brand name it will show you the different series with small thumb print if applicable.

  5. We kept Scoomer as a very simple way of buying (“search for keywords, if too many results refine keywords, find and buy”).

    If you search for something more specific you can use hobbyDB that has pages for all brands, series, designers, racing drivers etc, it also has filters (say only Ford models made in Australia in 1:64 Scale) or a Store directory http://info.hobbydb.com/store-directory.

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