Now this is how to do a 24-count case: Unboxing a 2016 Matchbox F Case…

Let’s hope it continues this way from here on out.

If you remember in previous Matchbox unboxings, the main frustration has been that the lesser-desirable models were showing up in multiples, while the realistic licensed models were at one per case.

Putting more of the models that will be gobbled up quickly makes a lot more sense.  They move more quickly, and the likelihood of stores ordering more goes up.  Demand will be the primary key to returning Matchbox to more stores, and the assortments can to a better job of dictating that.

The F case is loaded.  Matchbox is debuting four new licensed models, and they are all VERY appealing.  The key is how many of each are in the assortment of 24.

Let’s find out:

Yep, that’s a good one…

6 Replies to “Now this is how to do a 24-count case: Unboxing a 2016 Matchbox F Case…”

  1. Just to clarify – it is a RANGE ROVER not a Land Rover, two distinct brands, and that Mudthing will hang on the pegs like a bad small around this way – dreadful looking thing, Mazda MX-5, Corvette, Fire Truck x 2 all ok and will be coming my way, if they EVER decide to sell Matchbox in the UK better than they do now…. the generics, well, way too many in such a small box size….

  2. you can clearly tell who Mattel is going after with their new models: Mazda Miata (Tomica), Range Rover Evoque (Majorette), Jaguar F-Type orange recolor (Majorette)…let's continue to support the high school bully #brandandmodeldiversity

  3. Has anyone reported finding any Matchboxes post-B case at all? Every single store I've gone to (mainly Walmarts) has nothing but B case or older. What's the deal? I thought this was going to be a recovery year. There's a lot of cars that I and many others are looking forward to, especially in this batch. Matchbox better address something promising at the next Gathering!

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