Hot Wheels Gran Turismo is going to be red hot (or already is)…

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Some sets just hit that sweet spot.  It appears Gran Turismo has done just that.

The buzz began when the 8-car set started appearing at Asda stores in the UK.  And as our friends over there are enjoying their finds on IG and elsewhere, appetites for the models elsewhere just get stronger and stronger.

And it is easy to see why collectors are going nuts for it.  Supercars have always been a big deal, but they have become far more popular among the diecast collector set lately.  Just look at how hot models like the Bugatti Veyron and the old Speed Machines line have become.  Those models hung on the pegs when they were released, yet now they command big bucks on eBay.

There is of course the Gran Turismo angle as well.  I have mentioned enough that I am not a gamer, and haven’t played the game, but it is pretty clear that there are a gazillion fans of realistic racing games like GT and Forza, and it isn’t because they get the thrill of driving an ’03 Camry.  It’s about the cars.

It has been awesome to see Hot Wheels embrace so many elements of car culture of late, partnering with these games, movies like Fast & Furious, and car enthusiasts like Magnus Walker.  Sure, not every 4-year-old who gets carted by the diecast aisle know these entries, but ultimately these partnerships produce cool cars that everyone can enjoy.

So how to get these models?  My assumption was that this would be one of those Walmart exclusive sets like the BMW or Porsche sets, but that is not the case.  Other stores will be carrying it, but I don’t know exactly which ones.  Kroger, for example, has carried sets like these before, and is currently carrying the badly pegwarming soccer set.  Maybe GT is next for them.  Honestly I have no idea, but I do know they will be released in the US and will be available.

I also know hobby dealers were able to order them as well.  A&J Toys has the cases available for preorder, and my friends at Wheel Collectors told me they ordered some as well.  So stay tuned.

So they should be easy to get, and I think most of you will be happy when you do come across them.  There isn’t a weak model in the bunch, but the standout for me is the Ford GT LM in its signature GT livery.  Right behind that is the Aston Martin One-77.  A model I haven’t been terribly fond of in the past, but that shines here.  Your faves?

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  1. This set is absolutely amazing. The Ford GT is a model I buy in each and every variation but right now my eyes are on that stunning Nissan Skyline R32.

    *cancels order*

    On a more serious note…

    1. I've never seen that particular livery on the GT run by any of the real teams that ran the GT GT1. Weird.

    2. Nice to see the Gallardo SL return.

    3. I kind of think the MC5s on the Huayra made it look lower. It wears well, though the livery doesn't seem to be photogenic.

    4. The Aventador… Eh, looks like just stick-on vinyl.

    5. God above, that One-77. Just need to repaint it Brit Green with yellow lipstick and add blank white circles.

    6. Related: what other generations of Skyline GT-R has Hot Wheels done?

    7. Now that there is excellent factory deco. Brings out the best in the Jaaaaag.

    8. Eh, not too keen about it. Should have been the newer SRT Viper.

  3. So excited for these! Glad I was able to order a case from 1StopDiecast. Its definitely cool that the XJ200 and Skyline R32 are back after a 5 year absence. You have to just love it when a licensing partnership comes together like this!

  4. I might be in the minority here, but in my opinion the XJ220 is one of the slickest in the bunch. I wouldn't mind a more up-to-date tooling, but it's still one of my favorite supercars.

    I also love the Gallardo, but better than the Aventador though.

    The R32 looks sweet, though I felt the R34 should have been included as well, since the game was so Skyline-centric. (spoken as a regular GT player)

  5. I saw these in a local Asda recently. Paying £2.50 for a £1 model grieves me a bit but I weakened and got the Jag. So much nicer than when it was just a main line model. Looking at these i can see myself weakening a little more! Chris

  6. The side graphics on the Aventador are too much and i'm not crazy about the wheel choice.
    The Jag does look pretty clean and can stand up to the white Speed Machines version.
    Most of these cars could use some taillight tampos.
    I really think some choices should be up to date, unless there are plans for the future.
    The GT LM is most spot on of the bunch no doubt! It screams Gran Turismo!

  7. i agree with what your saying personally a porsche would have been well recieved maybe the veyron r35 (gran turismo prologue cover car) audi r8 use cars that are either in the game or known for being related with the game

  8. The Jag with the X'd lights and the yellow Huracan and the GT40 were the must have for me. Hey Hot Wheels why don't you bring out some new castings when you bring out a series like this there are millions of different cars in the world we don't always need to see the same castings in every set you guys give away we like to see a little diversity as well

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