Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox F Case…

Matchbox 2016 Batch F at Wheel Collectors

Now this is more like it.

If you have seen of my last few Matchbox Case Reports on the blog or Unboxing videos on the YouTube Channel, you know that my biggest gripe is that the assortments are off.  The cases are small with only 24 models, and the hope is that amount means models will move faster off the pegs.  The problem is that the models that would be most popular are not the multiples in the case.  Less popular unlicensed models get that distinction, and that means the models collectors want become harder to find.

Well, that is thankfully not the case in Batch F, at least based on this Case Report.  Yesterday was Mattel day at Wheel Collectors, as they received a pallet full of Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  Batch F was part of that, and all the models can be found here:

Matchbox 2016 Batch F at Wheel Collectors

There are four new licensed castings in this batch, some of which have already been previewed here.  We will get to the full features later, but for now lets see how the assortments look.  As always, Wheel Collectors picked a random case and opened it, documenting its contents 3-by-3.

Tell us what you think:

Now that is a far better assortment.  Sure, there are a few unlicensed models collectors aren’t too fond of, but three models come in pairs, and they are all new models, three of the four new licensed models released in the this batch.  The Mudstang, Range Rover Evoque, and Corvette Stingray Police:

The other new model is the much anticipated Mazda MX-5 Miata:

Sure, the Miata would be better off as a multiple, considering how popular it is bound to be, but you can’t argue with the other three multiples.

One other interesting thing about this case.  The Miata is sporting the 5-spoke wheels.  If you remember, these wheels were changed by Mattel after collectors were less than excited about the trispokes that were originally on the model.  They were told by the factory that it would be a running change, so trispoke variants were supposedly made and released.  Wheel Collectors usually gets early cases, so if we were to see a trispoke version, there is a good chance it would be here.  Interestingly it is not.

So that could most likely mean that there are earlier batches soon to be released somewhere in the world, or the trispoke variant was never made in mass-production.  Only time will tell, but I would definitely keep my eyes open for the trispokes.  I could be wrong, but it is looking like there won’t be very many of them.

To me, the best case of the year so far.  We will see if this is duplicated when I do an unboxing with my own case in a few days…

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  1. The new models are fantastic but you forgot to mention the recolours of the Lamborghini and Porsche. The Cayman especially looks sweet in red. I think it looks much better than the yellow. Please do showcases on these soon!

  2. Say what you want about the Mudstang, but it turned out to be pretty cool. I prefer a lot of the licensed models (like a lot of other people), but there is always a place for generic or crazy designs. And the Mudstang falls in that category. Nothing serious, Just a crazy, hillbilly hot rod.

  3. Great Selection! Though I must admit I do not like the price gouging that wheelcollectors does to the newest releases when, in fact, they will be priced lower in the near future all the way down to $1 USD. Paying almost $20 for the Miata is ridiculous! I'll wait for the prices to come down before I get some of these new MB's.

  4. After having no new waves in NL for 5 months (so we missed a few:-()we have received wave (D?). Also here it seems to have more licenced vehicles.
    Tons of One's in white, blue tesla's and M5's !!!!!!

  5. I know several people here on Alabama and in Mississippi who would love to buy that 4×4 Mustang. As for the Mustang SSP, I would love to see it dressed up in Alabama State Trooper livery, as they were in services here in the late '80s and early'90s. They weren't as popular with the troopers as were the Javelins in the '70s, but still.

  6. $20??!! Whewww!! That's Super Treasure territory. I don't need the Miata that bad, especially since it has those fish eyes. Ever see a real Miata? the headlights look noting like the tampos… kinda missed the mark on those.
    Anyhow.. I'll take my chances on finding one in the store and that's if they'll be on the pegs long enough or if they'll HAVE ENOUGH left over. OH.. you'll have plenty of make believe models left behind, but damn if you'll have REAL models available for circulation.
    Now that Target has begun to sell the single packs again we'll have to wait and see. One of my favorite TRU's may have what i'm looking for, but I won't hold my breath waiting at most of the Walmart stores!

  7. Wow, some great new castings in there…2 questions though: is the Evoque the same as the Land rover series release? And, is the Mudstang a modified version of the '68 CS Mustang casting?

  8. I was hoping that Matchbox would release a model of the 2015 Chrysler 300 when I browsed through these photos but no luck so far but that doesn't mean that for whatever reason Matchbox won't be developing the die cast Chrysler 300? Am I correct? I still hope to eventually purchase the die cast 2015 Mazda Miata and the die cast Land Rover Evoque or whatever its name is.

  9. This is a pretty good case. Not crazy about the Mustang 4×4 but I can live with it. Imo it's only a matter of time before cases are over run with licensed vehicles. With everything that is coming their going to have to make room. The generics will be the every few.

  10. As far as Wheel collector goes scabs just like any other scalper to prey on the collector. The main reason I gave up on THs. They only have value in release and to someone who wants them bad enough. Guys like this really hurt the hobby. I know Lamley promotes them maybe it's time they rethink that. However I'm guessing that is how they get most of their stuff to profile but still, promote guys that are really gauging the collector the guy who is loyal to the blog? Whatever really makes no difference to me if guys are going to pay because they can't wait that's on them but if it's a guy who just don't get MBX WC is wrong 100%

  11. A nice selection here. One or two to leave for children. Initially I wasn't that keen on the mustang – but it looks ok. I like the teeth on the sub!

    The Evoque and Mazda look great. Now just to find them! Chris

  12. 1) Please don't say anything bad about WheelCollectors, they make this post possible for all of us to see for free. I also wonder how much they would value my 9 E30 M3 on cards from the 2012 RoadRacers series given that they are asking US$40 for the least sought after car of the set (the Chaparal Camaro) 2) Tomica has a Miata casting with removable roof (2016 release) available in both red and black, cheaper shipped than the current prices being asked for the Matchbox on eBay. I'm sure the ToyPimp or Japan Booster can fulfill your needs when it comes to this one. So much free advertising in one comment, you're welcome guys.

  13. Some pimps wear Adidas track pants (last night's Walmart haul scalping) and others wear Armani suits (fancy blogs and eBay portals), same business…you don't need to use their service if you don't want to, nobody forced you to.

  14. Only thing I see that I'm sure I'll grab is the Mustang and just as a novelty.
    The Miata is cool but not really what I collect. The Seagrave in green is kind of cool. I like the skidster but unless I find it at Dollar General buy one get two free I'll leave it hang. I like the bottle truck too but again not enough to say “gotta have it” like I do with every new derivation of the A100.

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