Hot Wheels Wheel Variation Alert: Charger SRT & Acura Integra…

Time for another variation alert.  I don’t do a ton of these, frankly because there hasn’t been that many that I feel are that interesting.  I will fully admit that wheel variations don’t grab my attention like they used to, but there are always a few that catch my eye.

One is just hitting the pegs, and the other has been around awhile, but was just newly discovered.  We start with the new one.

The recolor of the Dodge Charger SRT “Hellcat” looks stunning white, and very Storm Trooper-ish with black PR5 wheels.  That look totally changes with this variation found by Eddie Hodges, who posted it on the HotWheels Variations and Errors Page on Facebook.

Eddie was lucky enough to find a transition error as well.  The MC5 vari has also been found elsewhere, so definitely keep your eyes open.

The other was also a bit of a surprise, and was found on the Acura Integra.  Many of you have reported finding the all-chrome OH5 wheel variation on the Integra, which typically comes with chrome-lipped OH5’s.  Lamley friend and member Jason Miller went one better and not only found an all-chrome OH5 vari, but an all-chrome MC5 variation in the same bin.  Look closely to see the difference:

Jason is a fellow DLM’er, so these are the photos I like better:

I do like the chrome rims on this model better, whether OH5 or MC5.  But you need a keen eye to find them.  Good luck…

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