The 2016 Matchbox NYPD 5-pack is now out…

Honestly, this may be the most exciting 5-pack for Matchbox to release in a long time.

Lamley Reader Armando Gonzalez Plasensia of Mexico was lucky enough to find the brand new Matchbox NYPD 5-pack, and shared the photo below with us.

Matchbox hinted at a NYPD 5-pack a few months ago on their Instagram feed, showing two unlicensed castings sporting NYPD livery:

But now we get to see the whole pack.  Lamley Reader Armando Gonzalez Plasensia of Mexico was lucky enough to find the brand new Matchbox NYPD 5-pack, and shared the photo below with us:

How cool is that?  Suburban Police, Dodge Charger Police, and GMC Wrecker, all NYPD’d up.  Collectors have long clamored for a 5-pack where all models sport the same deco theme, and here it is.  They have also clamored for more licensed liveries, and it doesn’t get more recognizable than New York’s Finest.  Sure, I would much rather have a licensed model instead of the unlicensed police SUV, but there is too much to like to get too concerned.  Couple that with the FDNY Hazard Squad released in the latest Matchbox batch, and we have a lot to get excited about.

Hopefully this pack will hit other markets soon.  In the meantime, thanks Armando for sharing!

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  1. I remember the unlicensed SUV from the Hero City era; it was a generic Volvo XC90. I'm not exactly thrilled with it, but with the NYPD livery it's passable. the only likable Hero City model, in my opinion, is the MBX Police Car, with the opening trunk. That's one generic model I never get tired of; I think I have one of each variation ever made, including the Burger King model from 2004.

  2. I'm a NYPD lover so I want one of this; or more. I hope the Fire 5-Pack will be also about FDNY! The car choice is also good. The Meter Made is a good casting, but the generic SUV is a bit mistaken. Anyways, great pack!

  3. Not happy with the casting choice in this pack. So many other better alternatives. The Chevy Suburban and the Charger are the only two I like from this. Would prefer seeing the Mustang SSP, Buick Century or Ford Interceptor etc.

    Honestly, I disagree that this is the best Mbx 5-pack in a long time. The Exotics pack released a few months ago beats this, hands down.

  4. At first I assumed that this NYPD die cast 5 pack was an exclusive that would only be available at die cast conventions and on on-line retailers
    but I guess I'm mistaken so having mentioned that when should I expect this 5 pack to arrive to Canadian retailers?(it's evident that I stated Canadian retailers since I reside in Canada).

  5. Nice five pack, but the generic station wagon/crossover could have been replaced with something much better. The Monaco, Buick Century and Mustang SSP in period correct designs, and the two Police Interceptors (Victoria and Taurus) or even the upcoming Dodge RAM police truck in modern designs would have all been better choices.

  6. I just realized something and that is in reality NYPD does utilize some Ford Focus vehicles so having mentioned that Matchbox should have looked into developing a die cast NYPD Ford Focus car and I wonder especially if distribution issues are being resolved if the Matchbox brand NYPD 5 pack will be commonplace in New York City retailers that specialize in Matchbox vehicles? Think about it.

  7. This is one of the best five packs I've seen in a long time. I hope MBX decides to continue with the Interceptor the Explorer or maybe a new cast of the Chevy Tahoe? The Chevy Tahoe was one of the best police vehicles ever to have served imo.

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