The CR-X & Sunny return! The Tomica Limited Vintage May Batch is now available to order at Japan Booster…

TLV May 2016 Batch at Japan Booster

I have shown a lot of Tomica Limited Vintage on Lamley.  Actually not a fraction of what is out there, but still quite a bit.  Some of the models I have shown are definitely more popular in Japan, like the Nissan Cedric, but there are some that seem to catch everyone’s attention.

One of those models is the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X Si.  Collectors love them.  TLV has done 6 versions so far, and they now fetch high prices, especially the two-tone models.

I know of several collectors who would love to have an example but understandably don’t want to spend what sellers are asking.  Well, fellow collectors, you time has finally come.

In May, Tomica Limited Vintage is releasing two more versions of the CR-X, and they are now available for preorder at

Tomica Limited Vintage 2016 May Batch at Japan Booster

The cool thing is these two might be the best looking of all 8 released, and you can get them for MUCH cheaper than the older versions:

In fact, if you preorder now you get them for 25% off, which means less than $17 each.  This is why I love Japan Booster.  Great prices, fair shipping (you pay the same rate no matter how large the order, unless it is large enough to qualify for free shipping), and they package the models better than anyone.  To me it is a no-brainer, and once you see the models a decision you won’t regret.

But don’t forget about the other models in the batch.  Two Cedrics, including a new Taxi, (I really need to do a full feature on all the Cedrics.  There are a lot of them, and they are fantastic.) and two versions of the Nissan Sunny, the 1500 Super Saloon and 1000 Sedan.  Seeing a classic Sunny will get a few of you excited I am positive:

All in all, a great batch for May.  Reserve them now while they are cheap.

Hopefully you are excited about the new  I certainly am.  No having to time things right to get the models you want before they sell out, because you can preorder.  It also means several more brands joining the Japan Booster store.  News on those to come.  Be prepared…

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