What would do if you opened your Hot Wheels RLC Gulf Porsche and found this?

Wondering?  Not a cockroach.  Not a spider.  Not a $100 bill.  But this:


Lamley friend Rick Groshek opened his pair of Gulf Porsche 993’s and was more than a bit surprised to see one numbered 00056 and the other 00001.  Yes, Rick got number 1.

If these aren’t limited enough, #1 is a pretty amazing find.  We all now that the number is the first thing we check when an RLC order arrives.  First, how low?  Second, any significance?  You may not admit it, but you know you were hoping for #1 or #911 or #993.  We know who got #1, now to find out who got the other two.

Rick gets that rare pleasure of discovering such a cool number, and there is no doubt this will be a highlight of already cooler than cool collection Rick has amassed.  If you want to see it, check his IG account @qwt_lukn.

So what would you do?  Keep it?  Sell it to fund your collection?  Let us know.  Rick?  He’s keeping his…

(Oh, and his second model?  #56.  Not a bad day.)

3 Replies to “What would do if you opened your Hot Wheels RLC Gulf Porsche and found this?”

  1. I don't really understand the enthusiasm of having a #1, or why is it so cool.
    Indeed, having a #911 or #993 is cooler, as a little wink.
    But 1 or 58 or 3592 looks pretty the same ?
    And as a DLM, it's no big deal is it ?

  2. I saw someone on a socal hotwheels forum post that the same person got 911 and 993. dont know how true this is but saw a picture on the face book page.

    for the record I would trade for a toyfair 964

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