Yet another Matchbox unveil: The upcoming Jeep 75th Anniversary Collection…

If Matchbox keeps up with this pace, I will never get to the features I had planned for the blog…

If you haven’t seen, Matchbox dropped yet another unveiling on their Instagram feed yesterday.  On Tuesday it was the Land Rover Series, and now, the 8-vehicle Jeep 75th Anniversary Series.

Before we go forward, this is a new set for 2016.  There is currently a Jeep set on the pegs at many Walmarts, but that is a 2015 release, and a bland one at that.  The first set is actually previously-released Jeep models in Jeep exclusive packaging.  The decos are exactly the same as the basic releases.

This new set however, is all exclusive.  Meaning exclusive decos for this series only.  They won’t be seen anywhere else.  These will also be Walmart exclusives in the US, and I assume available overseas as well, but I don’t know all the details yet.

While the whole set looks good, there are some definite highlights, starting with the two newest Jeep castings, the Willys 4×4 and Cherokee Trailhawk.  The Willys has easily become my favorite Matchbox Jeep, and this one looks great in a metallic teal color and white rims.  The Trailhawk is also exceptional in white.

My favorite, however, might be the Cherokee with the roof rack and raft.  I have always liked Matchbox models with roof accessories, and have always like that casting.  But no previous releases even come close to this one in dark orange with black trim and black rims.  That SCREAMS Moab, and anything that screams Moab has my ear, especially this week of Jeep Safari.

More than anything, the new Land Rover and Jeep Series really bolster my confidence in where Matchbox is going.  It was obvious a few years ago that off-road vehicles were going to become a big part of the Matchbox brand, but what was frustrating was the execution.  Lots of generic castings with exaggerated features and decos.  With these two sets we see what it should have been all along: Replicas of current and classic off-roaders from iconic off-road carmakers like Jeep and Land Rover.  Both add to the Matchbox heritage of realism, and fit in nicely with the street cars, police and fire vehicles, and construction and utility vehicles.  A lovely mix to say the least.

Let’s hope it keeps moving in this direction…

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  1. Some nice looking models. The old me would have got them all. The new me only a couple come home. Based on what I have seen if they hit Walmarts like the past series they should be readily available after the first wave of scalpers. I would have rather seen another Wrangler than the Hurricane. This is my prediction of the one that will be the peg warmer.

  2. The orange Grand Cherokee is by far my favourite of the group. Everything about it is perfect. The colour, the trim, the wheels, the casting itself is fantastic! I just hope the raft is removable. In second place is the white Trailhawk. Matchbox is definitely back on track, or at least very very close. And I hope more such models are coming our way. Good job!

  3. Really good to see this 75th Anniversary Collection. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. My son is a huge fan of these jeeps. If this event would have been organized at a local event venue Houston TX, then would have taken there surely.

  4. Definitely. I found the series this week, I didn't buy any of those two ones or the Wrangler Superlift, only the other five. I had hoped they would include the Cherokee, because buying a whole 5-pack just for a single mode is something I won't do…

  5. Yep, they are great. A friend of mine said he wasn't convinced by the Trailhawk and wanted to erase the black from the engine hood… until last sunday I saw an actual one parked nearby and it looked exactly like that. I love it when they use actual color schemes used by the real cars.

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