The Hot Wheels Honda CR-X, as explained by its designer, Ryu Asada…

The Lamley showcase of the new Hot Wheels Honda CR-X yesterday generated a lot of discussion.  First off, the modifications that were made, and second, why the car was designed with a rear engine mount.

Well, we got the final say from the designer himself, Ryu Asada.  He reached out to give us a little background on what is bound to be a very popular model.

On the modifications:

I lowered the roof and corrected the shape of the front windshield.  For the basic it was also necessary to combine the upper body and lower body, as well as relocate the rear post.  That eliminated the annoying gap on the front grill area as well.  I actually like this basic one better than the original.

On the inspiration for the racing kit and rear-mount engine:

The inspiration actually comes from MechaDoc comic book series that I loved as a kid.  It is my favorite 80s comic book by far.  In the series there is a custom mid-engine CRX going to 1/4 drag strip race, and that is what inspired the CRX.  Also, back in the day, I remember the shop Backyard Special made a mid-mounted CRX.  

Ah, Mechadoc, the early 80’s kids comic book in Japan.  Kyosho recently released a set dedicated to it, and Japanese Nostalgic Car explains wonderfully the influence it has had on so many, including Ryu.

If you have been a collector of Hot Wheels for awhile, you know that so much of the designer’s personalities and interests are fused into the models released.  Whether it be the models selected, or how they are designed, it is awesome to see all the fun that can be had.  Sometimes it is subtle, other times clear as day.  No matter what, the personality of each model adds a lot to the collector experience…

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