One way to improve Matchbox: Make the assortments more license-heavy…

Last week my 2016 Matchbox C Case arrived from A&J Toys.  I have done Matchbox Case Reports before, but have never opened a current case, so I was curious.

Especially curious because Matchbox assortments now come in cases of 24 as opposed to 36.  This is probably due to the fact that peg space has shrunk of late, and the cases have to comply.  My hope is, especially with the product improving quite a bit this year and into 2017, that with the smaller assortments, more product will move, more will be ordered, and peg space will return to where it has vanished and expand where it is miniscule.  Time will tell.

Well, I opened the 24-count case, and put the video up on the Lamley YouTube Channel.  Check it out, and let me know what you think of the assortment:

To me, there should be an emphasis on realistic models.  If anything, collectors will pick those up, and product will move faster.  One BMW, one Lexus, and one Cadillac One isn’t enough.  And while these will return in later assortments, we can’t get to those is the remaining product is still on the pegs.

So yes, improving the line is Job #1, addressing distribution is Job #2, and Job #3 might be changing this assortments a little.  What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for doing Matchbox unboxings – it's good to see someone still supporting the brand when it's getting a kicking from retailers on the distribution front. I agree that there needs to be more licensed models in the case. Obviously Matchbox makes less profit on a licensed model than on a generic model but on the other hand licensed models move off the pegs so much quicker than the generics – why doesn't Matchbox get this? I also agree that the ambulance needs to have a metal cab again – I've stopped buying it since the model went all plastic. Come on Matchbox, can't you give us just a little bit of metal for the cab. In my opinion, it isn't a die cast vehicle if only the base is metal. If the whole body is plastic it is no better than a cheap toy than a dollar store.

  2. Nice case unboxing once again, but its such a shame that here in England at least the brand in my eyes seems to have disapeared. Over the years supermarket chains have pulled the plug on matchbox (sainsburys, asda, etc) except for Tesco who have kept selling the product until around a month ago. All Matchbox merchandise was being sold of cheap and at reduced prices and now it has gone, Tesco only seem to be selling Hotwheels merchandise only. So a brand that was originally british is not even sold in Britain anymore 🙁 🙁 If anyone knows why they have stoped selling them or if there is another store that sells Matchbox merchandise in England that i do not know about please let me know as i have been collecting for years and now its hit rock bottom.

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