Matchbox previews the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Police, VW Transporter Crew Cab…

Time for a Lamley Exclusive.  Matchbox sent us pics of a couple upcoming models in the 2016 Mainline, and told us to “share away”.  Share away we will.

One cool thing about these two?  Both are both European in origin.  One casting has been around forever, and the other is brand new.  Let’s start with the new model.

Along with the MX-5 and Skyline, the ’90 VW Transporter Crew Cab has to be one of the most anticipated Matchbox new models of 2016.  The folks at Matchbox wanted to show us how it is coming along, with these images of the EP (Engineering Product).  This is pretty much the finalized casting, so the next time we will see it, it will be on its proper wheels with its proper color and deco.  They haven’t provided hints yet of what each of those will be, but based on the casting, it doesn’t really matter.  This one will be a good one.

You can see that body is metal, with the base of the bed attached to the interior.  And it is always great to see the tow hook.  Maybe a future Hitch & Haul?

Next up, is a casting that has been around a very long time, or at least most of this millennium.  The Land Rover Discovery has been a mainstay in all kinds of lines, and it is nice to see it back in the basic range.  If for none other reason than I had a hunch that there was too much metal on it to return to the mainline, considering the cost crunching.  Yet here it is, and while it could have been modified, I can’t see any evidence as such.

Plus, a very cool police livery.  Not licensed, but maybe we can say “Sussex-ish”.  The latest Disco was slated to join the mainline at some point, but that casting was scratched, and the Range Rover Evoque was done instead.  At least we have the classic version still usable.  I like it better anyway.

There is no timetable yet for when these will be on shelves.  But it will be soon.  Can’t wait…

14 Replies to “Matchbox previews the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Police, VW Transporter Crew Cab…”

  1. The Discovery is OK, but I don't like the blue wheels. Still will get it though, if and when local stores get it in gear when it comes to stocking recent batches.

    The VW casting looks great, but I will have to wait and see what deco and wheels it gets. Hopefully, the wheels are the same type and color.

  2. Sussex ish, sorry, that police logo and colour scheme is not used on ANY car in the UK, and those blue wheels really turn me off, not sure what planet they were on when they decided that, what happened to getting more realistic stuff, NO police car in the UK has EVER had blue wheels

  3. Looking forward to these two. However the UK Police don't use Discos of this era anymore – they'll have worn them out!

    The VW – wonderful. looks like it doesn't have a mid cabin pillar either. The rear pillar platform looks like the engine hatch that they have in real life.


  4. Wow, vw looks really good, can't decide if it's the 4×4 syncro version or not…hope the distribution here in the UK holds up long enough to get hold of a couple…mbx vanishing out of retailers here at the moment…

  5. The VW looks great. I've always been a fan of boxy/square-ish trucks. I'm also pleased with how the plastic didn't “creep up” the sides which has been happening more and more on recent MBX vehicles. The plastic seems contained to the base, fenders, and the flatbed (which is inescapable these days).

    The Land Rover is a treat to see back in the line, but there is absolutely no reason to have blue chrome wheels on a police car. Please Mattel, just put on the chrome-tone or satin silver-tone small-rim six-spoke utility wheels. The blue is completely unnecessary.

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