In case you’re wondering if the Matchbox Team pays attention to collectors…

Many of you wonder whether or not the folks at Mattel pay attention to what collectors say about their brands.

They do.  Case in point, look what Matchbox posted on Instagram late last night:
Yes, that is the upcoming Mazda Miata, with 5-spoke wheels in place of the trispoke wheels they previewed before.  The photo was posted with this comment:
When the Miata was first posted, collectors questioned the wheel choice.  That prompted the team to reevaluate, and bam!  Running change to the more sporty wheels.
This most likely means the trispokes pictured above will be a limited run, and the new 5-spoke will be the more common wheel.  So get your hunting hats on once this model hits.
They listen.  They pay attention.  And sometimes what we say will prompt a change.  Probably more than we know.  Cool, eh?

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  1. HOPE one day Hot Wheels Team pays attention to EUROPEANS collectors … the short card market enthousiasm was killed since 2013! the first 6 STH wasn't never produced, and after the ratio is similar to 1 per 100 cases. shame. But americans are happy they found more easy STH. MATTEL laught on the faces of no USA collectors. PUT MORE STH IN SHORT CARD. In France have only mainline.

  2. 2 variations right from the get go!!!!!!!!! Outstanding!! The new wheels look a lot better. My guess is that even with the old wheels, this would have been a much sought after model. Now instead of making one sale per customer, now it will be two per customer. Nice job Matchbox Team!!!!

  3. How soon will retailers including retailers in my country (Canada) start selling this type of vehicle? In fact does anyone know when Matchbox will supply retailers including here in Canada once again with the die cast Land Rover or Range Rover Evoque (something like that which is to be new for the Matchbox 2016 line up)and also does anyone know if Matchbox will still be producing for the 2016 line up the 2015 Chrysler 300 which is something else I'm looking forward to for the 2016 line up.

  4. My exact thoughts. They can make them, but if collectors can't find them, what's the point.
    What were they thinking when they put those 3-Spoke first? Now with the 5-Spoke the car has a totally different character. Good change.

  5. But I prefer the 5-spoke wheel because it is still a sporty car in contemporary time. The class wheel I think it should be on vintage cars like Hakosuka and some european heritages

  6. Noooo! I love those old school wheels! Thanks for making a car I want immediately impossible to get, Mattel! 🙁
    Oh, wait, EVERY car I want is impossible to get outside the internet. Being a JNC enthusiast is hard for collecting since they blew up in popularity. Beardies buying up all the Kenmeris without knowing the significance of that car

  7. people Patients I know the team is working hard to fix issues at MBX. Mattel is the problem IMO They still don't get who their main consumer is. MBX will always come second to the blue cards. Shame but it's the way it is until the power strung big wigs at Mattel get the fact that they have an in house sales competition where both brands could thrive! MBX was a long time competitor of HWs. so IMO MBX is like a step child. Not fair to collectors and not very smart business but it is what it is. I can not understand why Mattel takes so long to get MBX to retailers when HWs are overflowing other than Mattel dose not want MBX to succeed or surpass HWs. HWs has it's own issues if you ask me. They have more on the pegs than MBX but twice as many peg warmers. It was only a couple years ago I was hunting down all the new first editions now some of them are not worth my time. I would love to see the sales report since they started to make more and more fantasy crap. I love both brands but to be honest Mattel is making it easier and easier for me to get out of the hobby. However with Johnnylightningcustoms coming back and Tomica looking better and better even Matsito is making better products and are also looking to the collector market. Mattel is holding back bother brands I say get out of the way let your designers design and make your marketers go out and figure out who is buying and what is selling!

  8. Have you gone to your local Dollarama or London Drugs? A few days ago I did and at Dollarama I found a new batch of early 2015 models, while at London Drugs I found the batch with the Ford Mustang police car. Maybe it'll take a long time but I think the distribution issue is being solved bit by bit! 😉

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