First Look in photos: 2016 Hot Wheels Aston Martin DB10 & Custom Acura Integra GSR…

Hopefully you have seen the videos, now how about the photos?

The only thing these two have in common is that they both debuted in the 2016 F Case, (and that they start with “A”, so make that two things in common) but that is good enough to put these together on the same post.

I like both.  Hopefully that was clear in the videos.  The Acura does have some paint issues, but other than that they are great additions to the 2016 lineup.  I have learned a little about both thanks to our awesome Lamley readers.  The Acura is called a Custom because it has the Japanese issue headlights, while the standard 2001 Integra in the US had the bug-eye headlights, among other differences.  Nice choice on the headlights, Ryu.  The shadowing on the DB10’s hood is in fact there to represent hood intakes.  I haven’t seen the Bond movie, and I don’t know how easy they are to see.  But they are on the model, and it looks cool.  All in all, two great model executions.

Other than that, all I need to do is let the photos do the talking.  I could ask what you would choose if you could only pick one, but that is just a dumb question.  You will pick what you want.  I choose to pick both…

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  1. HW should do the US version of the Integra with the round lights also. That would be cool. They churn out a bazillion different versions of the mustang so I don't see what excuse they could have for not doing this for the Integra.

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