First Look: 2016 Hot Wheels James Bond Aston Martin DB10…

If there is one great thing about Hot Wheels having the James Bond license, it is that we are going to get a lot of cool cars in 1:64.  There has already been quite a few, and now we have yet another.

Mr. Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 has just been released in Hot Wheels form, and considering the car was essentially made for the film, that is pretty cool.  More importantly, while only 10 DB10s exist in the world, the car is showing us what future Astons might look like.  Things look good.

Check out the model on our First Look video on the Lamley YouTube Channel, and check back here on the blog later for photos of the DB10 and other favorite Hot Wheels Astons (one recent version with a bit of a chin problem might have been skipped).

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10 Replies to “First Look: 2016 Hot Wheels James Bond Aston Martin DB10…”

  1. Whoa-whoa-wow. That DB10 is both spectacular and clean at the same time. Really svelte; modern as modern but still has the lines of her forebears.

    This has got to be in the running as Licensed Mainline of the Year.

  2. That first V8 you place on display is NOT British Racing Green, it is way to light for that, it isn't even Brooklands Green……

    The DB10 is an amazing car, i have been up close and very personal to the real one, and was impressed by how well they managed to hide the fact that only ONE has a fully working interior, and the rest are just shells with a bucket racing seat, if you think this is cool, i have heard that they are already designing the next car for Bond.

  3. I'm not going to be that nitpicky with this one. I'm just glad it don't have any big wheels or crazy chins. Of course, I still gotta see it in person, but so far, no complaints here. Thank god.

  4. Forget the DB10! Gimme that DB4 Zagato any day! Didn't even know it was made by Mattel. Awesome casting.
    No, seriously, the DB10 is a really nice casting. I was going to criticize the absence of tail lights but looking at the real car, it has clear tail lights.

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