Don’t want to miss out on the upcoming Hot Wheels Japan Historics? Here is how to order a 10-count case right now…

Without trying to overstate anything, the Hot Wheels Japan Historics might be one of the most anticipated collector lines Mattel has ever released.

In fact, the entire Car Culture line might be the most collector-aimed line Hot Wheels has ever done.  Every model being released in all four batches is right in line with some of the hottest elements of today’s car culture.  Hence the name.

Take the best of Boulevard, Heritage, Vintage Racing, and the Garage line, add amazing card art, and you have Car Culture.  Four batches, five cars each, every one bound to a collector fave.

And the first batch, Japan Historics, is coming soon.  So be ready.

What we already know is that the Japan Historics line will be white-hot when it hits the pegs.  There isn’t a dud in the 5-car batch, so if you aren’t at the store right when they are pegged, you most likely won’t get them.

We also know that there will be a hefty markup on the individual models once they are released.  In fact, we are already seeing 5-car sets being presold for $50 each.

Well, there is a way around all of that.  Why not buy a case?  Car Culture will be shipped in 10-count cases with two of each model in each case.  That means you can buy a case yourself to get one of each to keep carded and one to open.  Or partner with a friend and each of you is guaranteed one.

And considering you can order a case right now for just over $3 a car, it is time to act.

Our friends at A&J Toys, who specialize in case sales, are offering the 10-count Japan Historics cases for presale right now at $32.95 per case plus shipping.  That is just over $3 a car, and we all know what a deal that is considering the markup we will see once these hit the pegs.  You can find the sale here:

Hot Wheels Japan Historics 10-count Cases at A&J Toys

It is a no-brainer.  You are guaranteed two of each model, and if Walmart sells them at $3.47 each, you are getting them at a similar, or even cheaper, price.  Who wouldn’t do it?

And if you are asking, yes, A&J Toys is one of our new Lamley partners, and I am thrilled about it. As is the case with our other partners Wheel Collectors and Japan Booster, I am very proud to be associated with these top notch diecast sellers.  I use them, and I am very happy to recommend them to you too.

And this deal on the Japan Historics is a great place to start…

30 Replies to “Don’t want to miss out on the upcoming Hot Wheels Japan Historics? Here is how to order a 10-count case right now…”

  1. This would be a wonderful deal if A&J Toys were affiliated with a shipping service that was actually modestly priced. Any international shipping ends up costing more than 3 times the price of a case?!!! WTF

    Pity… have to concede defeat and pray for a miracle LOL

  2. Thanks for heads up on this. Ordered a case. Shipping to NYC is $12 and change, putting at $4.50/car, still a really good deal considering what I was preparing to pay on eBay.

  3. Hmm, tempting, but I really only want the Mazda and 2000GT; the Hako's nice too but the FE is close enough. This probably cheaper than one Mazda will sell for, though…

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  5. Agreed Reflex, I'm also in Canada and it's hopeless. I was already splitting the case with someone else but even then it's still way too much. I emailed them to see if there's a cheaper option, let's see what they say.

  6. I was splitting a case as well but it was still going to be too much. Ended up ordering a case from 1 Stop Diecast. It was a little more ($48) but shipping was free.

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