The January Sale at Wheel Collectors just got a ton bigger…

January Sale at Wheel Collectors

We have heard from a lot of you that jumped headfirst into the January Sale at Wheel Collectors.

As we said earlier, our friends at WC need space.  The entire Milezone inventory is waiting in the wings, and there is no place to put it.  That means inventory needs to go, and the best way to do that is put it on sale.  So that is what they did:

They started with about 1000 listings of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Greenlight all listed at 20% to 50% off, and just today that was increased to over 1600 listings.  These listings are no slouches.  There is a ton of stuff to interest all kinds of collectors.  Just check them out:

January Sale at Wheel Collectors

(Getting word that the link isn’t working when it goes directly to the eBay app on mobile phones.  This seems to happen a lot.  If you hold your finger on the link and opt to open on another page the link will work.  It is fine on a computer.  Sorry for the difficulty.)

Many of these items are listed below retail now, so don’t miss out.  Lots and lots of good stuff…

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