Just Released: The signature Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV in red and the rest of the Tomica Limited Vintage January batch…

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This week we have featured the Hot Wheels Porsche 993 Super, the MBX Olds Vista Cruiser, previewed the Greenlight Futureliner, Matchbox Miata, and TLV Silvia Super Silhouette, put the Auto World Kingswood Estate on the title page, and showcased the Kyosho McLaren set.  That is a murderers row of diecast.

Let’s finish off this week of beautiful diecast with just one more.

The middle of the month means new Tomica Limited Vintage, and the January batch has just arrived at Japan Booster.  You find them all at the Japan Booster store:

Japan Booster eBay Store

All six models are worth getting, but the highlight is definitely the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV in signature red.

I don’t know about you, but if someone mentions Alfa Romeo, the shape of that car in that color is what comes to mind.  It is as iconic a car image as it gets.  And the TLV replica is gorgeous.  Check out the interior, wheels, and steering wheel.

TLV jumped into the Alfa game last month with the GT1300 Juniors, and they are stunning, but seeing the 1750 GTV in red is most exciting of all.  The “must-have” tag is all over this one.

And there are others in the batch as well, and there are no slouches.  Another 1750 GTV in green, two Nissan Prairies, and two more colors of the luxurious Toyota Century.

Grab the Alfa (a must), add a few more from this batch, then have it at with all the other stuff available at the store, like the Kyosho McLarens, a TLV GT-R, or Tomica Premium, and make sure you get over $50 to qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  There is a ton available now.

Japan Booster eBay Store

Of course, a feature is coming soon.  Can’t wait to see all of these in person…

6 Replies to “Just Released: The signature Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV in red and the rest of the Tomica Limited Vintage January batch…”

  1. What a happy day! As the owner of a real 105 series Alfa GTV, it is just brilliant to see the car done right in 1/64. The Matchbox model was such a let-down with that chrome interior. Thanks to Tomica and Kyosho, my shelves can now be populated with these tiny works of art. How I'd love to see more Alfas enter the Tomica range. For now, these will do just fine. My order has been placed.

  2. If you think this is sweet, wait 'til you see the TLV February and March batches.

    For those 2 months, more Alfas, the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo, and 2 more police cars are among the models coming, and then comes the Abunai Deka line.

    I sense people might buy those models otherwise they gonna lose them… (Reference to one of the key songs in the series…)

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