The latest Matchbox Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is either the 8th or 14th different version, but they are all cool…

Matchbox Olds Vista Cruiser on eBay

You want to see me geek out?  Check out the video below.

Matchbox just released the latest color of the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, and first in a few years.  It is a tragedy that it took this long, because there truly isn’t a cooler Matchbox casting than the 70’s grocery-getting land yacht with a sun roof and two dogs peeking out the back.

The yellow multipack exclusive just released is the 8th official release.  That might seem like a lot, but compared to other castings released in 2009, it isn’t at all, especially when it is a casting this cool.

But if you look at variations, the story is different.  This is conceivably the 14th version.  This model, especially during its debut in 2009, has been a goldmine of variations.  Wheels, colors, wheels again, and then more colors.  It is hard to keep up.

But I have, and been more than happy to do it.  This casting, if you haven’t gathered, is one of my faves, maybe because I grew up in the era of wood-paneled wagons, no seatbelts, and “back-backs” (you know what that is if you lived it), or maybe because it is just undeniably awesome.

And because of that, I have been lucky enough to put together a pretty sweet collection.  If you want to know something about me, I can clap really loud, balloons scare the shit out of me, and I have the best Matchbox Vista Cruiser collection around.  That is all you need to know.

So, once again, watch me geek out as I try to explain why there are so many variations on the Vista Cruiser.  Trying to keep it clear turned me in 32 different circles.


Oh, and go grab a few of these.  It is totally worth it:

Matchbox Olds Vista Cruiser on eBay

Some of the many variation combinations:

8 Replies to “The latest Matchbox Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is either the 8th or 14th different version, but they are all cool…”

  1. Cool video, good to see the vista cruiser back again. Picked up the Transit 10pack for a bargain price in the UK last night…when I opened it found it was a bizarre error with no headlights…also I've always been puzzled as to why this Transit casting uses a modified version of the base and cab interior of the '95 Transit (which is a face-lifted version of the 1986 New Ford Transit casting).Seems strange as the rear interior part is completely different with the jack and excellent sleeping dog!

  2. The Vista Cruiser,my fondest memory was I think I was 16 it was a big snow storm and pop carted me my brother and a couple of our friends around snow skiing off the bumper. Not a practice that I would recommend today but it was the coolest thing I ever remember about my pop.

    As far as this cast goes, as you can tell it holds great memories but as a historic and great tribute to autos of days gone by MBX couldn't have picked a better model. This didn't represent the race track, the hot rodders it represented family almost any station wagon dose. I wish I could have all of them because there isn't a bad version in the batch. As far as not being cast for so long, I'm ok with it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I do hope this isn't limited to a multi pack because this is a cast that should be available to whoever would like it! I honestly hate exlusives in 5 or 9 packs because it's only a sales tact. The hobby shouldn't be about money it should be about the collectors imo! I get people like the chase so make a chase for those who want them. With all the social outlets now availible these companies should work within them to make their product more interactive and use feedback to form a better relationship with collectors. That is what I enjoy about lamely we post and then we see changes. MBX has seemed to take the replys here and ran with the feedback. You would think it's a no brainer, but HW seems to care less what anyone has to say! Mattel is a company that dose not get it! I hope that dose not get in the way of the direction MBX is going!
    I recently had the great pleasure to correspond with a great die-cast crew that are hoping to once again make it's mark in the hobby. I hope lamely will cover them because feedback will be their best partner.

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