Don’t miss the Greenlight Sale this weekend at Wheel Collectors…

‘Tis the season for lots of deals…

We have heard from a lot of you that have taken advantage of the many diecast sales going on at Wheel Collectors and Japan Booster.  I appreciate their support of the Lamley Blog, and I am happy to be associated with two sellers that are diecast nuts like the rest of us and always strive to make their customers happy.

So I am always happy to pass along the word when there are deals to be had, and here is another:

Wheel Collectors is running a Greenlight Sale this weekend.  Many of the models have been marked down as much as 45%, so it is a perfect time to buy.  Add to that the new Black Bandit Series with the Nissan GT-R and the VW Type 2 Westphalia, both at very good prices, as well as all the rest of the Greenlight stock, and you have a perfect time to buy.  You can see all the listings here:

Wheel Collectors Greenlight Store

Check them out because there is something for everyone.  Pickups, land yachts, police, off-roaders, and plenty of muscle.

But that isn’t all.  Matt & Matt at WC discovered a very interesting stash of special Johnny Lightning models in the inventory they purchased from Milezone.  A few years ago JL created a special 4-car Flame set for hobby dealers only.  Only 2500 sets were produced, and clearly Milezone got a lot of them.  WC needs space for other items so they are offering the entire set as a special Lamley Deal for only $10.99.  You can see it here:

Johnny Lightning Flames Series at Wheel Collectors

This is a great opportunity to get the whole set of four for the price that just the VW Samba Bus has commanded in the past.  I have the set and I have to say it is beautiful.  I was surprised that the Camaro was my favorite.

Anyway, take advantage of both sales this weekend, and you won’t be disappointed.  There is some great stuff to be had…

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