Case Report: Photos of the 2008 Matchbox 48-count Basic Cases…

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As promised, the photos of the 2008 cases I opened on YouTube earlier this week.

Hopefully you are seeing how we will do this.  The vintage case openings are a bit of the exception to the rule, as this doesn’t happen that often, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun.  Typically the case openings will be new cases, and I will always do photo reports.  If I have them in hand, I will do a video as well.  Moving forward, there will be exclusive content on the YouTube channel, and the blog will always contain what you come here for – model showcases and other diecast collecting shenanigans.  So be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and, as always, keep the blog bookmarked.  I appreciate all the support.

And I promise, there is lots of good stuff to come.  I wish I could tell you all of it now, but all I can say is you won’t be disappointed.

Alright, on with the case reports.  Most of the commentary is on the videos, which you can see below.  After creating the videos I put the cases back together and photographed them as well.  I can’t promise that the models are in the exact order that I pulled them from the case, but they are darn close, and all of the models are there.

So, the video link is first, followed by the photos.  I am only posting Parts 1 and 3, as the second case was almost identical to the first that I didn’t do photos.

And as always, these models are or will be available at Wheel Collectors.  Many thanks to them for letting me do these case openings.

Wheel Collectors eBay Store

Enjoy.  These are some awesome cases, especially that J case.  Yowzers.

Matchbox 2008 C Case:

Matchbox 2008 J Case

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  1. This is before they lost their way. Full of real cars and in the cases where there are Generics, they are believable. I bought these models by the cases. And now at shows they fly off the table.

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