Don’t forget about me! Hot Wheels Ferrari FF…

Find the FF on eBay.

Time for a feature.

It seems like it has been awhile, and I have wanted to grab a random model and give it a feature.  I have quite a few ideas for showcases, but lunch on Saturday solidified this choice.

I was out with Ms. Lamley for lunch, when this black beauty appeared:

It is not uncommon to see Ferraris around, but this one was a surprise.  The FF is not only one of the more unique Ferraris, but it is not one you see very often.  Hell, even a 4-door hatchback is rare, let alone a Ferrari version.

The FF brings out some strong opinions among the car set.  Some think it doesn’t deserve to be called a Ferrari.  Others love how different it is.  Count me in the “love it” camp.  It would be hard enough for me to conjure up much interest in buying a Ferrari, no matter how much money I had, but if I did buy one, the FF would get the most consideration.  I love how it looks, I love how practical it is, and since I live in a ski hub called Utah, this:

I know some of you won’t agree, but it is a cool car.  What we can agree on, I hope, is that the Hot Wheels version of the FF, released in 2011, is one of the best Ferrari castings big blue has ever released.  And if you can’t agree on best, let’s just go with “most realistic”.

If you look at the final Ferraris produced by Hot Wheels before the license expired, you see some cool cars that are decently represented by the blue brand.

I am a fan of all four of those, but I would have liked them a tad better with less exaggerated features.  Not the FF.  The FF is incredibly realistic, from its long body to its jack-o-lantern grill.  Just look again at the photo of the black FF.  Now look at this:

Not bad eh?

Sadly, we only saw three versions of the FF before the Ferrari license moved on.  A debut in red, a recolor in grey, and a 5-pack version in white.  There are a couple of bonus versions, with grill and no-grill versions of the red, and different paint types on the grey.  So five.  That is it.

Maybe one day the license returns and this super duper black version can hit the pegs.  Or maybe not.  I probably shouldn’t complain too much, as I am happy enough that the FF was actually done.

And it remains one of my favorite Hot Wheels Ferraris.

(Find the FF on eBay.…)

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  1. I somehow didn't realize that casting had so few releases.

    And then you have the Ferrari 612 which I really like but was only in the Ferrari Racers and Speed Machines lines, and a few 5 packs.

    I thought the FF was pretty interesting when it debuted (the real car and the HW). 80's Ferraris are still my favorite, but the FF is one of the modern ones I like more.

  2. Great post, John! This is what you are so good at and Lamley stands for: Real editorial pieces – a real car hook, a llittle background story, a Hotwheels feature, a related movie link – and great photography. PLEASE don't overdo it with the case openings and Wheelcollectors promos – there is so many sources for that on the web – your strength has always been to go further and deeper – and to bring the stories of real cars, mini cars and car design to life and making collecting more interesting and more exciting. Please more of this and pieces like the Heralda feature – I would have never known about the 5000 story.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for the kind works Chris. These features aren't going away. The case openings, new and vintage, took over only because of timing. They all arrived at once, and I have enjoyed doing them. And thankfully readers enjoy those too. The YouTube channel gives me a platform to do other types of features, which will always be linked here, while the car showcases like this one, which I love doing, will continue on. Think of it as an expansion, and never hesitate to let me know of cars you would like to see featured.

  4. Chris, you took the words out of my mouth!

    Honestly, when I'm reading this showcase features on Lamley, they strongly remind me of the old showcase videos from NFS games of the 90s. Statistics, beautiful photos, history and info all done into a small and sweet post. Keep it up, John!

  5. There are two main points I want to bring up

    1) The 'real' FF with those yellow accent wheels looks tacky. Owner should have left the wheels full black. The yellow calipers and centre lock look good enough.

    2) You mean 2-door hatchback, right? I'm pretty sure every second car you see on the road is a 4-door hatchback.

    Now, getting back… brilliant write-up! Strong writing, a little history and info about the feature car with showcase photos/ videos is the bread and butter of Lamley. I hope you don't forget that, Mr. Lambert.

    As for the FF, lets just say its the coolest hatchback in the world. And the Hot Wheels version captures every bit of it perfectly! I am still looking for any version I can find.

  6. Beautiful casting, although it is one of my least favorite Ferraris. I just wish all the Ferrari castings were this proportionate.

    If I had an unlimited budget, I'll still take a coupe or convertible though, even if it is less practical than this one. If I wanted something practical I would have already bought somethng better suited for that job than a Ferrari. (Better looking than this one too!)

  7. ADDENDUM: The ZAMAC F12 and red LaFezza are my Holy Grails. With the way eBay looks it's too apprehensive, but I heard Wheel Collectors still have stock of the latter. Is it true?

  8. If I may, I do totally agree with the comment up there.
    This is a great article, maybe too short, as we would like to read you again, and again.

    On the videos : i like it too, and see it as a perfect complement of the blog. No worries about that.
    Maybe, for some months, we are getting in too much Matchbox … The several posts, the “last time of golden age” and “great return of Matchbox”, i think we are aware now. But anyway, thanks for that, I really appreciate discovering new models, and shall get more interest in Matchbox.
    A final word on the videos, for my part, I encourage you to do others, many others, with multiple subjects.
    My favorite video by far : the GULF video, perfect mixed up of cars on cards, unboxing, and above all, cars in the studio. Perfect.

    You frequently ask, my dear John, for some ideas of models to feature : I would like very much to see more Kyosho on the blog – i still remember the last part of modern Porsche 6 set, and VW, last Lambos and now, Lotus.
    I am a big fan of Kyosho, and started to collect them about a year ago. They are so perfect.
    So, more Kyosho, and why not some Auto World, modelcars we see too rarely here, in Europe…

    Thank you,

  9. I really wish Hot Wheels had done an all-diecast version of the FF before Mattel lost the Ferrari license. If I had the money (which I don't), the FF would be the current-lineup Ferrari I'd buy since I live in Canada and the FF would be a Ferrari I could drive year-round. (Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't because of road salt, but, theoretically.)

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