Case Report: The models of the 2001 Matchbox 72-count case, and my favorites…

I appreciate all the comments following the yesterday’s Case Report video on the Lamley YouTube Channel.  It was a fun video to do, and many thanks to Wheel Collectors for letting me open it.  (Remember, these models are going back  – except the three above – and will be up in the Wheel Collectors store soon.)

One of the most common comments was that you would like the photo reports to compliment the video reports.  Just to clarify, I will always do photo Case Reports on all new cases from Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and if possible include a video as well.  But there will always be photo reports.

With these vintage cases, my plan was to just show the video, but many of you want the photo reports as well.  I will try to do that when I can.  With the 72-count case, recreating the box was impossible, but what I can do is photograph all the different models included in the case.  If you want to know where they sit in the case, or how many of each is included, please refer to the video:

Below are all the models included in the case, including any wheel variations as noted on the video.  But thanks to a Lamley Reader named Joe (TwoLane Desktop), we have some insight on some of the details of this case.  Here is the comment he left on the last post:

The more I watch the more I wanted to improvise and provide some insight to the case, lol.

Ok, so I know more about the case since I collected during that time and I also have a time capsule container that contains all of the Matchbox 2000 1-100 cars and a few 5-packs and other specialties. The case here is the first case of 2001 that also contains the cars from the 2000 line (the higher the collector number on the package it is a 2000 model; the lower the number it is a 2001 model.) . Other tidbits about the case:

1. The flower pedal wheels were new for 2001, despised by many MB collectors, yet because there was still leftover 5-spokes from the factory there was a variation of both during the transfer of the new wheels. Same goes for the off-road wheels as well.

2. Metal bases (for a brief while on these castings): BMW 3-series coupe, Corvette C5 Coupe, Dodge Viper GTS, Ford Crown Vic Police, ’56 Ford Truck, Land Rover Freelander.

3. Because of the front pushbar that when you move it forward rotates the gun turret at the back the Battering Ram does not have an interior.

4. That’s not a Ford Escort, but a Ford Focus one of my favorite castings from 2000, also has wheel variations with the 5-spoke and flower pedal wheels.

5. The white Concept 1 Beetle is the 2000 version, the silver is the 2001 version.

6. The USPS mail truck: The blacked-out 5-spoke is the 2000 model and the blacked-out flower pedal wheels version is the 2001 version. Again note the difference in collector numbers. Also the 2001 has a slight color difference in the deco compared to the 2000 version.

7. I don’t believe the GMC bucket truck was in the Superfast line later on, but what is interesting about the one in the video is that this was the first and only release with the three axles, then disappears for a few years before returning again modified with only two axles.

8. The Isuzu Rodeo was badged as the Vauxhall Frontera in ROW market versions (with a different deco).

9. The 1999 Ford Mustang has a plastic roof because it was a dual-purpose casting: coupe and convertible. Both were featured in the 2000 line.

9. The Ford Ambulance is the 1997 version with all metal body, but no interior. The current Ford Ambulance started with a metal cab/plastic rear section, now all plastic, but at least has an interior.

10. Some of the Matchbox 2000 models have the treasure hunt variant: the white Matchbox 2000 logo. However, ALL of the Matchbox 2000 models with this logo are featured on the older 2000 design cards only.

11. The BMW 8-series coupe is an older casting, all metal body and base, shocks, and the doors open. Sadly this was the last use this casting that would be seen in the Matchbox line.

I hope this information helps! 


Yeah Joe, that really helps!  This was not an era when I was collecting, and all of those details really help give me, and hopefully our readers, an idea of what is really in the case.  Joe, please comment anytime…

Without further ado, the models of the 2001 Matchbox case, and my favorites below:

Two different years:

Wheel variation:

Wheel variation (Two different years.  Note the card numbers.):

My faves:

10 Replies to “Case Report: The models of the 2001 Matchbox 72-count case, and my favorites…”

  1. When I was little that 850i casting was the car that I held in my toddler fists when I went to sleep at night because the opening doors made it my favorite…once when it went missing I apparently freaked out but luckily my dad had another on hand…I still have both of my play worn ones from childhood and I believe a few carded ones still turn up every now and then in the house…

  2. Wow, most of these I recognize from childhood: Battering Ram, Muir-Hill Tractor Shovel (both older wheels on these), Faun Dump Truck (there's a wheel variation on this one too, with both old and new wheels, I have both from childhood, I believe one came in a sandcastle building set), Grumman LLV (I have it with older wheels). I really liked the ram that worked when you turn the turret (and still do!) on the Battering Ram.The battering ram, I believe is actually based on an armored European police vehicle (minus the second level of windows above the first).

    I think I might get some of these, like the emergency vehicles and BMWs.

  3. Wow, the Bimmers are my favorites too! Great choice.

    I was thinking, I'm gonna go and find that mail truck, if at least to show my appreciation to those postal workers that always made sure my packages arrived to my house safe and sound. As collectors, we kind of owe it to them. (Not counting the ones that treat your mail like crap though.)

  4. Love the mail truck. My family has a long history of working for the USPS and my dad made his living by keeping those mail trucks running, and also near the end of his life painting them as well. So that one naturally had an instant place in my collection. I think the only one I purchased from this case was the solid red Corvette, but I may have purchased the red 1950s Ford pickup as well…I can't remember anymore, and I have not looked through my photo archives in about 2 years now.

  5. I have at least a case of these if not more, it was the last good year for MBX. I still have my fingers crossed that MBX is going to rise again. If anyone is interested I'm on Instagram look me up Phillywheels my loose collection is up under my profile, going to start putting up my stuff that is still in package soon. I have a monster collection that I started to share about three weeks ago. Thanks folks at Lamley for sending me over there, many collectors and customizers some really great guys thanks again.

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