Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Nissan 180SX Type X with MC5 wheels…

If the 180SX wasn’t hot enough, now you completists have another version to look for.  And to get it, you might have to go to Canada.

Lamley reader and friend Shawn Hill contacted me a couple of weeks ago to tell me he found a wheel variation on the 180SX.  MC5 wheels instead of the standard PR5:

Now understandably some of you won’t care one iota about the wheel variation, but for those that do, here are the details.  It was found at a Canadian Walmart.  And after Shawn found the variation pictured above, he found a few more at another Canadian Walmart:

That photo says we have a definite variation on our hands.  Most likely the factory temporarily ran out of PR5 wheels, and while a new batch was being transported, the MC5’s were used in their place. That means a small handful of MC5 versions were made, packaged, and sent out.  And it looks like they all might be going to Canada.

I haven’t heard of this one found anywhere else, but keep your eyes open.  And you readers in Canada, you should definitely be on the lookout…

Let us know if you get lucky…

(Thanks Shawn.)

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