2015 Lamley Awards: What was the best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2015?

Sorry for the delay in today’s post.  All was scheduled to go until I encountered a bit of a curveball last night.  Let’s just say I am now an adamant subscriber to the “Don’t eat sushi on Mondays” theory.

Moving on, it is time for the orange section of this year’s Lamley Awards vote.  We have already voted on several Hot Wheels categories, and we have at least one more coming in a few days, but now it is time for our Matchbox category.

I think most of you will agree that this has been a very interesting year at Matchbox.  After a few rough years, it seems Matchbox is back in the conversation.  I see a ton of Matchbox posts on Instagram, and quite a few of you have mentioned visiting the orange pegs lately.  Realism seems to be an emphasis again, and from what we have heard, that will continue into 2016 and 2017.

There is still a ways to go, including in important areas like distribution, but it does seem like it is time to get excited about Matchbox again.  I certainly am, which is no surprise to any regular readers of Lamley.

And if you look at the New Models this year, especially the licensed New Models, there are definitely enough to merit a vote.  The models are wonderfully diverse, from cool police cars to some splendid sports cars to realistic utility vehicles.  So it is time to vote on your favorite Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2015.

This will be slightly different than Hot Wheels.  I tend to stick to Hot Wheels’ scheduled year when doing the Best and Worst votes for them, meaning roughly October to September.  With Matchbox we will keep it mainly in the calendar year.  That means a couple of 2014 stragglers are included in this year’s vote, and some upcoming 2015 models, like the Jag F-Type and Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, will wait for the 2016 Lamley Awards.

But there are definitely enough that hit the pegs this year.  So take a look at the list below, and vote on your favorite.  We will announce the winner along with all the Lamley Awards later this month.

What was the best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2015?

Alfa Romeo 4C

GHE-O Rescue

Tesla Model S

’13 Ford Cargo

Lamborghini LM002

’14 Porsche Cayman

BMW M5 Police

’75 Mack CF

Cadillac One

Jeep Willys 4×4

’15 Ford F-150

19 Replies to “2015 Lamley Awards: What was the best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2015?”

  1. Hard choice between the Alfa and Tesla (and the Jeep, for that matter). But seeing how wrong the Tesla could have been (Hot Wheels) just makes it that much better

  2. I think the Tesla was by far the most accurate and most detailed, but I love the Caddy too. I would have picked the new Jag and if it was available already and up on the list, I would have picked it for sure!

  3. Look at all the detail on the '75 Mack CF. How could it not the the best of the bunch. You guys must be all blind! (LOL!). No seriously, the Tesla is an awesome model. But I love that Mack water pumper.

  4. Surprise Casting of the Year: The GHE-O Rescue. 'Nuff said.

    Best Casting That We Didn't Get Stock: that M5. Or maybe it's coming soon?

    MBX Truck Casting of The Year: The Mack

    Mid-Engined MBX Cast of the Year: 4C. Sorry, Cayman.

    closedcl8's Top 4 MBX Castings This Year, Ranked:
    1. Alfa Romeo 4C (more of this, please!)
    2. (tie) Mack Pumper (because of course)
    2. (tie) GHE-O Rescue (completely out-toughs the Lambo, and can stand as tall as the Mack)
    4: Tesla Model S (looks even better/classier in blue)

  5. The Tesla, Alfa 4C and M5 are all superb! But when it comes to the casting, the BMW is the best in my eyes. Look at its stance!! Its perfect. The wheels are perfect, the livery is perfect and the casting is perfect.

  6. Have yet to see the Caddy & Jeep Willys “in-the-flesh”. Finally saw the Porsche Cayman for the 1st time just a few days ago. Using the photos on here as my guide I choose the Jeep Willys.

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