Lamley Video: My favorite Hot Wheels ’55 Gassers…

With the RLC Candy Striper Gasser going on sale tomorrow, a little more about my favorite Gassers, this time from the Lamley YouTube Channel.

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  1. That is a nice looking car. Wish I could afford it. I was sorry to see you didn't include the gold recolor of the FE, which I think is even better than the primer. Gold is a very era-correct (60s) color and looks fantastic on this casting. The pink windows on the zamac don't bother me much as some of the real-life gassers and drag racers from that period sported red or rose tinted windows!

  2. I LOVE this casting, but man, that front end of the base ruin the total experience for me.

    I hope I can score one tomorrow on RLC, but I have this thing called job, so I'm not holding my breath. Thank you Mattel for always holding these sales when I'm working. *sob*

  3. Just wondering if I should post an hour long video of myself trying to get access to the Hot Wheels Collector site and being constantly rejected because of a glitch in their password system. Or maybe just a short video of my son's disappointed stare as I tell him our PAID membership has yet again cheated us.

  4. I think you jinxed me, James. I was already sore about how they hold these sales while we are at work, and for this Gasser, it took me one hour & about five minutes to go through 20 error screens & re-log in also about 20 times.

    Gentleman by name of Gary on the HWC site commented that we need to realize that these HWC/RLC cars are special & worth the effort of fighting through the website troubles to purchase them….. While I totally agree about the cars, because they are absolutely my favorite Hot Wheels, after my experience lately with these sales(also the fact that they are held at 9am on Tuesdays), I'm starting to consider cutting Mattel loose from my collecting.

    Hobby's supposed to be fun, and that website, they couldn't make the experience more miserable if they tried. Did you guys read the comments from the members trying to order the Rewards cars without Microsoft Excel? It was never smooth ordering cars from HWC, but it's becoming absurdly challenging just trying to order one car on sale.

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