It is finally here. The spectaculariffic RLC ’55 Chevy Bel Air Candy Striper Gasser…




This, my friends, deserves every bit of hyperbole I am going to give it.  And it starts with this:

The RLC ’55 Chevy Candy Striper Gasser deserves consideration for one of the best models Hot Wheels has ever done.

And yes, that is high praise.  But it hits every mark.  I really like the photos I took, but they still don’t do justice.  It starts with that pink color, moves to the fantastic roof, then that detailed interior, wheels, and on and on.  I don’t need to tell you how good-looking this is.  If the photos don’t convince you, having it in hand will.  The Gasser has already taken its place among collectors as a fave, but with Steve Vandervate’s design it goes to another level.

That is just the model itself.  On its own it stacks up against any other models Hot Wheels has ever done.  But that artwork brings it as well.  If I am honest, I have never had a harder time opening a model, and I will open just about anything.  I am glad I did, but I am actually a little mad at Hot Wheels for making it so hard.  Someone will have to help me with that style of car art, because I have seen it a lot, but it should be a poster.

Let’s see how many eBay sellers use this photo and claim they got the photo “from a friend”.

All in all, like the Toy Fair Porsche 934, Mattel pulled out all the stops on this one.  It looks great, the card does too, and even more so the model has a ton of character.  I don’t think it can get much better with the blue brand.

It has been a long wait for the Gasser, but it is worth it.  Mattel not only wanted to make sure that all the models were ready to ship after all the problems from earlier this year, but they also needed to make sure the HWC Shop could withstand that onslaught that is undoubtedly coming Tuesday morning.  All is set to go on the Mattel end, so be ready.  This one will go fast…

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  1. The art style could be described as “low brow”, made famous by people like Ed Roth, The Pizz and Coop, to name just 3 great artists.
    A book with card art would be soooo welcome! Just like this amazing Gasser.

  2. I really hate the $20 price tag on this one, as it is still done with the mirrorized process (ends up being $28 after shipping and tax here in NY).

    But damn… She's worth it for sure.

  3. I have been on the “FENCE” with a lot of RLC Offers,but when I first saw this beauty I was set to go. Was going to try for (2) but they changed the amount that we can get to (1) per membership. This way more of us RLC Members have a chance to get 1. GOOD LUCK RLC MEMBERS TOMORROW.

  4. The card is really superrrrrrr, the model would be this also if this strange block of plastic would not have been between the front wheels. You see this at most lifted-body mattel-models. Only Johnny lightning did it better.

  5. Really nice but what a joke, guys so po'd cause they couldn't get it some even saying they may stop collecting. Me I could care less I joined the club and haven't been back to the site. Was nice to see they put a limit on them finally but we know scalpers will find a way to get them. Then there is the price tag, of course it's for the collector the guy who gose out every week to look for the new castings we want. I'm a proud collector but they can keep it. It is no better than a premium and they sell for no more than $6. Mattel is in no way doing these for the collector these are about money. May sound like a whinner but really my rant is about every other collector out there that would had loved to have this but will have to look at pics on ebay and be outraged that some scaplers pricetag. In closing Mattel change the name of your club to the scalpers club because their the only ones enjoying it!

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