Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels Heritage Real Riders E Case…

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Well I hope Wheel Collectors wasn’t planning on a weekend.

Just as our friends at WC were easing into the weekend, planning on further celebrations for the their beloved Kansas City Royals, and then putting up a few more Lamley Deals (have you seen those lately?  Some fantastic listings.), Mattel got in the way.

This afternoon a huge shipment arrived, and now Matt & Matt and the guys are working to get all the stuff up and listed for those that want them.  So look for a few posts in the next while documenting all the arrivals.

And we start with Heritage.  Batch E arrived today, before I could even showcase Batch D.  But that is all good because I am a much bigger fan of the Real Riders segment than the Redline, even with those beloved Skylines.

And while I don’t think anything will top the Ford Supervan in the last Real Riders segment, this one is no pushover.  A Porsche, an Aston, a Camaro, a Hot Rod, a truck, and a masterpiece.  The Olds Pace Car wins this batch by a mile, but I am happy with all of these.  You can see them all here:

Hot Wheels Heritage Real Riders Batch E

While I haven’t been great with featuring the previous batches, I promise to get to these once they arrive.  Redlines isn’t as fun to feature, but these certainly are. They look way too good.

In the past we have only announced the new arrivals, but I thought I would at least indulge those who want to see with a case report.  It only takes three photos, but at least you know what to expect.


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  1. Oh, I gotta give it to the Porsche 917 as my top pick of the case, but the Neet Streeter's always been a favourite of mine. I also like the Aston Martin in simple racing decos but I kind of wish they'd have given it headlight tampos like they did with the Goldfinger version.

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