Lamley Preview: Matchbox Best of the World Dodge A100 Pickup…

Just a few more Matchbox Best of the World previews to go.  We have already shown the Land Rover Defender 110, Austin Mini Van, Lamborghini LM002, Cadillac Sedan Deville, and BMW 1M.  To come is the ’75 Mack, ’93 Mustang, Routemaster Bus, and BMW Motorcycle.  Today is one that is bound to be popular, the ’66 Dodge A100 Pickup.

I can say I know it will be popular because so far all the Matchbox A100’s have been popular.  The First Edition was gobbled up quickly, as is the third with Firestone livery.  The second, in purple, was the hardest, at least for US collectors.  The batch it came in wasn’t released everywhere, and the purple A100 became nearly impossible to find.  In all my travels, only City Market in Moab, Utah yielded the purple A100.

So based on that, I assume the new Best of the World version will sell well.  It has a lot going for it.  It starts with the premium wheels in white of course, but the racing livery on this one is fantastic.  I can’t find actual car it resembles, but the racing livery over green really works.  Especially when you consider this is the 4995th design by Michael Heralda, who retired from Mattel earlier this year with 5000 decos under his belt (the 5000th is also part of the Best of the World line).

Having seen all of the Best of models, it is hard to pick a favorite.  I am partial to the BMW 1M, but this one is up there as well.  Hopefully collectors agree with me and make this series a success.  It could open a lot of doors for future lines if Best of the World sells well…

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  1. Can't please everyone but I think this is great, can see the move forward and hopfully less generics. I'll take any licensed model with whatever tempos and wheels. These wheels are better but still hoping for something better maybe more rubber. Have to give props to the MBX team their making the brand come back to life think we can all agree that's a good thing!

  2. Looking at the truck, isn't this the 4495th design, not 4995th?

    That aside, despite the rubber tires, I'm feeling no love for these new wheels. They're not very road-appropriate – more for off-road equipment.

    Keep on truckin, Matchbox!

  3. OK now they really absolutely have to get rid of the low profile peanut diggers!. First of all the classic and horrible looking and noisy winter tire did not ever come in low profile and second of all Im pretty sure off road mudders and rock climbers dont come low profile. These rubbers are just gross no matter what they are put on.

  4. The design itself is excellent. Great color and graphics – though looks a little overdone for a Matchbox. As for those wheels, they don't really look bad IMO. The thing is, Matchbox has done far more better looking wheels (even in plastic) compared to the ones used in this series. Actually I prefer the mainline disc wheels on this truck. They are still very apt to this model – probably a while wall on those rims would look great… just like those on the metallic purple Sedan Deville they did a few years ago – I believe it's the 60th anniversary.
    Here is the link –

    – Rajan

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