Brand New Greenlight Hitch & Tow is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Things are finally returning to normal.  The Lamley office is coming together, and I might actually get to shoot some models now.  There is no much to show, from the latest Hot Wheels Heritage, to Tomica Limited Vintage, to some Japanese goodies like the UCC Coffee set and Japan Post Hakosuka.  Frankly, outside of a makeshift photo shoot for the Hot Wheels Toy Fair Porsche, I haven’t shot anything since the Hot Wheels Convention.

And the timing is good be back to normal, because Greenlight just released the latest batch of it popular Hitch & Tow Series, and Wheel Collectors is the first hobby dealer to have it.  You can see them all here, including just the individual models for sale:

Greenlight Hitch & Tow at Wheel Collectors

There are some real stars in this set.  Past sets have featured the Airstream Bambi, which I love, and this new set has another icon, the Shasta Airflyte.  It looks AMAZING paired with the ’62 Dodge D-100.  There is also a boat trailer in the set for the first time.  But methinks the Krispy Kreme and NYPD sets will get the most attention.  And they deserve it.   (Funny that the NYPD set is released on the same day Matchbox unveiled that it has the NYPD license as well.  Good times coming…)

I have a set coming, and I cannot wait to shoot them.  And thank goodness I can.

One note before we go.  You may have heard that Wheel Collectors bought out the inventory from Milezone.  That is true, and slowly much of that inventory is being listed.  I would head over to the Wheel Collectors store just to see what is going up.  Some Lamley Deals as well.

They have been coming across some real gems while going through the inventory, and we will unveil some on the blog in the coming days and weeks.  Stay tuned for some awesomeness…

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