Great Scott!! The 1 of 500 Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future Promo Model…

I hope you folks didn’t mind my minimal coverage of Back to the Future Day.  It seemed that Instagram, Facebook, and every news outlet had that covered.  I got as nostalgic as the next guy about it, and did acknowledge when it was 4:29 pm Pacific Time.  But one can only engage a limited number of conversations about whether hover boards are real, so I quickly shut it down.

But Back to the Future is not BTTF without the cars.  I get why so many people love the BTTF models Hot Wheels has done, and it is no surprise that they are snagged up by collectors quickly.  They aren’t my cup of tea, but I do love the Hot Wheels standard Delorean, especially the Boulevard version.

But the post today is not about those.  But it is about a car.  Hello McFly!  Of course it is about cars!

Toyota celebrated BTTF Day by creating three brand new Tacomas that pay homage to Marty’s 1985 SR5 Pickup.  They are not production models, but they look pretty darn cool.  The Tacomas popped up in high traffic areas of LA, New York, and Dallas, in what appeared to be large blister cards.

The surprise of the event, however, was that Toyota gave away a very small number of “diecast” replicas.  Lamley friend Brian Ramirez (@bkkake on IG) was lucky enough to get one, and was nice enough to provide pics and details.

From what we know:

  • About 500 were made, and were split among the locations.
  • The model is all metal.  One solid piece.  This is more paperweight than diecast car.  
  • The model can be removed and put back.  There is no blister, just a clamshell.
Those who got one are obviously very lucky.  It is a tad sloppy, but that is only when looking at it through the eyes of a diecast collector.  I would not let that deter me from getting one.
I will continue my claim that for me it is more about the cars and not the movie or TV show, so here is a pic I took of the new Tacoma.  Lovely truck (and fantastic color!), bad parking job.
Many thanks to Brian for the pics.  Don’t hate him too much for getting so lucky…

20 Replies to “Great Scott!! The 1 of 500 Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future Promo Model…”

  1. Very crudely done. I wouldn't have minded it being one single sculpted piece, as many times, those models can still be quite nice. This on the other hand…

  2. Don't blame them one bit for not putting their stamp on the bottom of this monstrosity, I can not believe this thing was released! This was ok'd by the movie company, Im guessing not. It could have been done so much better, looks like there was more time spent on packaging!

  3. From what I know, this was just done up quickly by the marketing ompany doing the promotion of the BTTF Tacoma build/displays. Casting toy-sized things is not their forte, building show vehicles is. This was just intended to be a cool piece of memorabilia, never intended to be sold/scrutinized as a retail piece, otherwise QA would definitely have done something about it

  4. if anyone of my employees built that for sale/giveaway, i would sack them, that has to be the worst model i have ever seen – even some of the crude early years, Chinese models, are better than this.

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