Lamley Preview: Nitto Tire returns to Hot Wheels in 2016 with the upcoming Toyota Supra…

Hot Wheels is about speed.

That means a few things, good and bad.  It means fast on the track, and that could mean upsloped chins.  But that is for another time.  Hot Wheels and speed also means real speed, and that means some pairings with some of the great names in the auto world.  Sure, there are the carmakers, but that goes without saying.  What I am talking about are those entities that make fast cars go even faster.

One of the great developments in the last few years is the plethora of licensed logos plastered all over Hot Wheels cars.  Racing, drift, drag, you name it, they are all there.  And 2016 marks the return of another.  Nitto Tire is back on a Hot Wheels car, this time taking some prime real estate on the upcoming 2016 Mainline Toyota Supra.

Those of you into Formula Drift or Ultra4 Racing undoubtedly are familiar with Nitto Tire.  For those of you who aren’t, Nitto Tire has provided maybe the coolest way to tell their story I have seen.  Past that, follow them on Instagram and you will see their involvement all over Formula Drift, including at Irwindale a week ago, where they previewed the Hot Wheels Supra.

Oh and they make awesome tires.  A good friend of mine parades around in his vintage Skyline on Nittos, and he swears by them.

And that drift heritage is why seeing Nitto Tire on the Supra makes perfect sense.  Since the Supra debuted in the special Fast & Furious line, it has been a drift car staple in the mainline.  Two F&F releases, and all the rest drift-related versions and liveries, including a Super Treasure Hunt in 2015.  The Supra collection is growing fast, and it is stellar:

And that is one of the reasons I liked this model as soon as it arrived from the folks at Nitto.  It is a perfect follow-up to last year’s model, especially the full tampo Super TH.  Similar design and hood graphics, same mismatched wheel style, and obviously the same casting.  You can see both of these sideways-by-sideways racing around the track, with Vaughn Gittin Jr., Tanner Foust, Mad Mike Whiddett, or Odi Bakchis, all Nitto drivers, at the helm.

How cool is that pair?

This isn’t the first time Nitto Tires has been on a Hot Wheels, but it is the first in awhile.  Back in 2010 a very simple livery appeared on the 1992 Ford Mustang in red, as well as on a Kmart exclusive in blue.  Simple is the key word, drift is not.  The two Mustangs are great, but the Supra is far more appropriate.  Still, they make for a nice set.

And hopefully these three aren’t the only versions.  Fingers are officially crossed for a recolor on this one, and I can think of a slew of other models that would look splendid sporting a Nitto Tire outfit.

This version of the Supra will be out later this year, most likely December or early January.  Based on the card art, I am wondering if we will see a 10-spoke version as well (although I prefer the PR5).  Keep your eyes open.

Many thanks to Nitto Tire for letting me preview this one, as it is definitely a must-have in the Japanese Car collection.  Now to get Mad Mike’s Mazda in the line…

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4 Replies to “Lamley Preview: Nitto Tire returns to Hot Wheels in 2016 with the upcoming Toyota Supra…”

  1. Maybe it's because I grew-up during the Muscle Car era and love Crager Mags, but I just completely do not understand those mismatched wheels. What's the deal with grey hubs on one axle & yellow on the other? Makes it look like a car with wheels from a junkyard: hideous.

  2. I would argue that the Mustang is just as appropriate, considering that Nitto makes drag tires too. Regardless, both are nice models. I think this is the best release of the Supra so far. Very similar deco to last year, but a little better.

  3. It could be a racing thing. I have seen many cars have different colored rims between the front and rears, usually because it has something to do with the look of the car itself.

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