Tag your customs #lamleycustoms, because As Is the Custom is back in house…

As is the Custom was a mainstay for the first few years of The Lamley Group.  It was clearly something that many of you looked forward to every weekend, and I enjoyed putting it together.  I was happy that Lamley became a place to showcase all the wonderful art from so many talented artists.

As much as I enjoyed it, there was one problem.  I took a ton of time.  Too much time.  Considering I was putting up content every day during the week, it was hard to dedicate 2 to 3 hours over the weekend to do As is the Custom.  It just plain tired me out.

So over the last few months we have tried other ways of doing things.  From a new Lamley Customs Blog, to a Lamley Customs IG Feed, and a lot of help from three fantastic dudes.  While I truly appreciated the help, it remained a cumbersome task, that was frankly hard for many of you to find.

We don’t want to lose that custom culture here at Lamley, so it is back to the basics, only slightly different.  I am back in charge of As Is the Custom, and am very excited to be back, perusing the web for custom gems.  But I still can’t dedicate the time to creating a blog post every weekend.

So As Is the Custom is moving to the Lamley Group Instagram Page.  Every weekend, the As Is the Custom selections will be reposted or posted on on the Lamley Group feed for our 17,000 followers to see.  I will also give everyone a heads up here on the blog.

Posts will appear throughout the weekend, and to see them all together, you will just need to visit the Lamley Group IG feed.  If the custom I choose was originally on Instagram, I will repost it.  If it is an email submission or pulled from another site, I will post the pic and credit the customizer.

If you are not on Instagram, now is the time to join, especially if you are a customizer.  Tag your pics #lamleycustoms and I will see them.  It is BY FAR the best way to be seen, even better than submitting by email.

This might take getting used to, but it is only a new venue.  As is the Custom is returning to its original form.  I am excited to have it back, and I think you will like this new format.

One last thing.  A hearty thanks to Chris Huntley (@78toy4dr), Luke Baumstark (@lukeshotwheels), and Seth Mananquil (@mrsenctvt) for all their help over the last few months.  They did a great job helping out, and I am now excited to be able to showcase their work again…

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