If you are Subaru collector, it is imperative you seek out the new Subaru 1:64 Dealer Set..

I love stuff like this.
I was having a discussion with a friend the other day, and we were discussing the rapid return of Matchbox to its former self.  He asked what models I would love to see, and I could not get my mind off the Subaru Outback.
At first thought it doesn’t seem like the most exciting choice, especially compared to other Subaru stalwarts like the WRX STi and BRZ.  But considering how popular it is, especially around where I live in Utah, and that is signifies Subaru’s unwavering commitment to the greatest of all vehicle types, the wagon, it is a good choice.
But no need anymore, because a superb version was just released.  The only problem will be getting one.
Subaru did what other carmakers should do, and released a special promotional 3-car set, which includes a WRX STi, Legacy, and the aforementioned Outback.  Each are the latest versions, and they are really well done.  Who actually did the models is unknown, although there is a promotional company listed on the back that only mentions airplane promos on its website.  Whoever did these did a fantastic job.  In quality and detail I would put them on par with Kyosho.  A size comparison with a Matchbox:
I was able to obtain a set from my good friend Ace (@1colectr236 on IG, give him a follow), who works at a local Subaru dealership.  He saw this set a few months ago in a company catalog and made sure his dealership ordered a few.  And he was nice enough to give me a set.  My assumption is you need a friend at a dealership to get these, or maybe you can just go in and ask someone there to order a few.  If anyone has success let us know.
But thanks to Ace I have my set, and in all honesty this is one of the diecast highlights of the year for me.  I love the Outback, and there it is, the Legacy will never be done in diecast outside of Tomica, and there it is, and I will never complain about another STi.
So we start with the packaging.  Clean and cool, although the cardbacks are a little flimsy:
But no worries here, as I am a DLM’er.  Set them free, and things get better and better.  I will, as always, let the photos do the rest of the talking, and my guess is a few of you will be on the phone with your Subaru dealers today.  If anyone sees these pop up on eBay, let us know.

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  1. One downside I see is that the windows are black, so that would tell me there is no interior on either of these.

    But they do look like they have great detail.

  2. I got my set through subarugenuineparts.com. $4 a piece plus $8 shipping and handling but it came super quick and they look awesome! Especially the Outback! I thought they had sold out of the Legacy but after a bit of digging on the site it came up, so keep looking around because they're bound to have more of the Outback models too!

  3. Greetings, this is Todd, owner of AeroPro. Yes we produced these for Subaru (our company does much more than airline models, that is where we got our start). Many of you have contacted us asking where you can get the models. I asked Subaru and they told me you can now buy these at http://www.subarugear.com Enjoy the models, and we welcome any feedback: info@aero-pro.net Thanks!

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