The models of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch J are better than I thought…

Retro Entertainment Batch J is at Wheel Collectors

Not all Retro Entertainment Model strike my fancy.  But I have said that many times before.  If it is a replica of a real car, no matter what movie or tv show it comes from, I am interested.

But even then, some models just don’t peak my interest.  Maybe they are from an era that doesn’t interest me, or I just don’t like the casting.

That is what I figured would be the case with Retro Batch J.  First off, it has a Batmobile, and I have no interest in Batmobiles.  (I know many of you do, so of course I included pics.)  Second, there is a motorcycle, and I have never collected motorcycles.  Third, no other models really stood out.

Except they do!  Now that I have them in hand, the ’56 Chevy and Checker Cab are fantastic models. I have no idea if they are new castings or not, but I am happy to have both models.  Same with the Corvette.  It is a dated casting, and a little sloppy, but it has never looked better, especially with the clever way the mooneyes disk wheels were tampo printed to show the 80’s Corvette wheels.  Very nice touch.

Nonetheless, this is a worthy set.  Yeah, the ’56 Chevy is a Brady Bunch car, but it is the star of the set.  I see many uses for that model in the future.

Enjoy the pics.

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10 Replies to “The models of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch J are better than I thought…”

  1. The wheel tampo alone makes the Vette worth owning. I've always loved those wheels on the real car. I hope wheel tampos become more common. The Batmobile is so lame because the front wheels aren't even realistic and HW is going to charge 4 times more for this just because it's in a fancier package.

    The 100% verison from a few years back is vastly superior.

  2. The '56 Chevy Convertible is a new casting, though I believe it's derived from the '56 Chevy Bel Air (the hard top) that's been around for a while now.

    The Checker is definitely a new casting. Can't wait to get that one!

    The motorcycle is also a new casting. I'm not much of a motorcycle collector either, but this one is done rather nicely. One of the better ones in a while.

    As you said, that Corvette is definitely a dated casting (the design is from the '80's, though the sealed hood was tooled in the mid-90s). But those wheels set it off.

  3. The bike is a model of a Kawasaki bike,right? The Kawasaki bike is of interest to me where I recently purchased one on eBay.Why it's of interest to me cause it's a die cast model of a Japanese motorbike and so far I purchased models of American (Harley Davidson),German (BMW) and an Italian motorcycle (Ducatti).

  4. Like most of the models (not the batmobile) but I actually dislike the corvette. I fell like although the wheels are cool, since they are printed, they are not perfectly centered. On my copy, the wheels are poorly centered so when the car rolls, it looks like the wheels are moving up and down. Not acceptable. Taxi is awesome though….

  5. I lucked across these at Wal-Mart today (except the Tumbler was missing). It's the first time any of my local stores have stocked new Entertainment cars since mix E. I really don't like this Tumbler casting, but I need to get it since I want all the Entertainment Series cars.

    I don't care for motorcycles at all, so the Kawasaki is my least favorite, though I guess it's pretty cool for a Hot Wheels motorcycle. The Tumbler comes in 4th on my list, but only because I like motorcycles less than cars. The '56 Chevy is nice, but Hot Wheels does soooo many tri-5 Chevys that I just get burnt out sometimes. The wheels on the Vette make it a standout, but my favorite of the batch is the Taxi. I just dig the Marathon cabs for some reason.

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