Supervan might take the cake, but the HW Heritage Silverado 4×4 & BMW 2002 are no slouches…

I am still not over how splendid Supervan is.  Since the Lamley feature earlier this week, we have learned that is was designed by Mark Jones, a Mattel vet who created quite a buzz this weekend when his Mazda RX-3 was unveiled at JCCS.  Mark has done some amazing models for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and these last two are no exception.

Further proof has been provided by collector Vong Lee.  You can see the GT40 engine in the back through the window, but Vong opened his to show us all the detail.

How cool is that?  It doesn’t have to be there, but it is.  All must bask in the awesomeness that is Supervan.

But if you look through that bright light that is Supervan, you see that there are a couple of other gems in this Heritage Real Riders batch.  Well there are few gems, but I will focus on two, the Chevy Silverado 4×4 and the BMW 2002.

Let’s start with the Silverado.  Like the ’83, this Silverado started as a lowered truck, and also like the ’83, has re-emerged as a 4×4.  I have to say I am more into the 4×4.  Maybe because this one is done so well.  Stock color, no crazy deco, and a nice bit of detailing.  I have never collected the lowered version, but this one stays with me.  I think a lot of people agree, considering the Silverado is the first to leave the pegs.

Next is the 2002.  This one I am a bit more mixed on.  I am thrilled to see it in premium form, and those wheels are perfect.  But the deco is a bit drab, and why no front and rear detailing?  This one needs the RLC treatment or something, because it is such a fantastic model, and it needs equal deco.

I am so much more into the Real Riders series than its Redline counterparts.  Real Riders are, for lack of a better term, so much more real looking.  Redlines are more toy looking.  Let’s hope there are more real riders on fantastic castings in our future…

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  1. RLC members actually saw a glimpse of what the Supervan looked like about a year ago, when we were treated to some sneaks of the EP/pre-production of the van (body was yellow, base was orange, and rolling on PR5s). It wasn't spun together so they showed all the pieces separate (they did the same with that crazy Greenbrier van). Will be interesting to see if that EP ever goes to one of the convention charity auctions.

    The '07 Silverado is definitely a gem. I haven't compared them side-by-side yet, but from what I've been reading, the body of this 4×4 version is actually smaller than the original lowered one. If so, that means this is a completely new tool unlike the '83 Silverado.

    But, RRs looking better than RLs? PPPFFFFFFFFFTTTT (though you know my take on that, hehe)

  2. I am surprised the '70 Chevelle wagon has yet to make an appearance on here, however. That one is a hidden gem of that RL mix. Especially after my realization that the rear wheels are actually the wide BW version. So while the Hako and Gasser took the spotlight, that wagon is also no slouch.

  3. Actually this 4×4 Silverado has prooved to be quite a disapointment to all the diecast Chevy truck customizers out here. Not sure what Matty was thinking. It easily could have been the hottest diecast released this year, if the scale would have been kept the same. If they wanted to make a smaller truck as a 4×4 they why didn't they go w/ the new Colorado instead?

  4. Seems as though the 'Redlines' kind of emulate the look and retro feel of RL's from the early days (though I wish they executed the sidewall lines as grooves like the exact originals instead of just a stamping).
    The Heritage line contains those real rider type wheels/tires which have more detail and give the appearance of realism. The BMW should display stronger tampo designs to contrast the silver. Looks as if the light blue accents blend with the window tint to create a monochromatic visual.

    Gotta look for that Supervan!

  5. The truck is a disappointment because it's actually NOT the same body as the lowered Silverado. When they did the 4×4 '83 Silverado, they used the exact same body on both the lifted and lowered versions, making it easy to lower a lifted one and lift a lowered one by just swapping bases. People are disappointed in this 4×4 Silverado because the body casting is actually smaller in scale than the lowered version of the Silverado. Customizers were excited about this 4×4 version so they could lift earlier versions of the lowered truck and so they could make a lowered version of this one by just swapping bases like on the '83 Silverado, but Mattel threw a curve ball and made this one an entirely new casting.

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