Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels A Case, and a possible variation on the Chevy Luv…

Time for another case report, and the first of 2016.

This time of year is always a little interesting.  Those of us who buy at the stores are still in 2015.  Dealers are moving into 2016, and our design friends at Hot Wheels are firmly entrenched in developing 2017.  That really isn’t relevant at all, but a fun fact nonetheless.

On to the case.  This is a good one, and a very good start to 2016.  See for yourself, and then we will give our comments below.

As always, this is a random case from the shipment received by our friends at Wheel Collectors, documented as they pull the models 3-by-3.

(And don’t forget, all of these models are available at Wheel Collectors right now…)

2016 Hot Wheels A Case

Nice case, right?

First off, many of you will be happy to see THREE Nissan 180SX’s in the case.  That should ease any fear that you won’t find this one.  If you don’t succeed in the Q cases, you should be fine in the A cases.

Second, no Super.  The Tesla Roadster is the Super in this batch, but not in this case.  The Regular is the Rig Storm:

The other thing that is interesting about this case is the Chevy LUV.  Take a look at the model again.  In all preview photos we have seen, the LUV has large rear wheels.  Not this one:

Yep, all-small-wheels.  The crazy thing?  Every LUV in every case was all-small-wheels.  So will this end up an anomaly or the norm?  My guess is an anomaly.  It could be that small wheels were put on erroneously in the early batches and later corrected.  We will only know until more cases are opened, and more show up at the store.  All I know is I am making sure I get one of these and putting it away…

So what do you think of the case?  To me, a great start to 2016…

8 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels A Case, and a possible variation on the Chevy Luv…”

  1. Allow me to educate you a bit. WheelCollectors orders his own cases and sells at his own prices. That's what a vendor does.

    A scalper purchases products where they are sold by retail where it is free game for customers (i.e. Walmart) and resells it for a higher price.

  2. Perhaps I'm repeating myself but I got to purchase a Bi Focals II,'96 Nissan,Project Speeder ( I like the blue race car version more than the orange one I purchased) and the Backdrafter and speaking of the Backdrafter although it's supposed to be a 2016 release I believe it may already be released to some retailers (unless I'm mistaken) and if so I hope I'll find at least one Backdrafter sometime this year here in Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada.

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