Kyosho Lamborghini Minicar Collection 6 is now out and available at Japan Booster…

For you collectors new to Kyosho, this is great news.

Japan Booster just received their stock of the latest set from Kyosho, and it is Lamborghini:

This is a most welcome sight, not only because these are Lamborghinis, but because the last Lambo set from Kyosho went terribly wrong.

In the last set, for some reason, the quality was terrible, the actual models seems out of proportion, and collectors were not happy.  Since then, Kyosho has returned to their normal high standard, especially in the Bentley, Skyline, and VW sets, and this new Lambo set is no exception.

Many of the castings have been released before, but these are sitting on new wheels with new colors, and they look fantastic.  I hope to have a few to showcase shortly.

In the meantime, head over to Japan Booster and grab what you want while you can.  The models are always cheapest at the beginning, and if you spend $50 or more the shipping is, as always, free.  There is no better deal than that.  You can find all the models here:

Kyosho Lamborghini Series 6 at Japan Booster

Some of the models I will be pursuing:

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