JCCS Month, Datsun Wagon Edition: Tomica Limited Vintage or Hot Wheels?

Welcome to September.

It might be known for a lot of things, but around here it is JCCS Month.  JCCS is the Japanese Classic Car Show, and it has become one of the car-related events I look forward to every year.  Now as great as it is, it doesn’t mean that Lamley will be dedicated to Japanese cars all month, but it seems as good of a time as any to show a few miniature versions of our favorite j-tin.

So we will dedicate a few posts to our favorite Japanese miniatures, as well as showcase them on Instagram with the hashtag #JCCSWeek.  Of course, we invite you to do the same, just use that hashtag so we will see it.

And to start, we are going to make things easy.  We start with a question:

Which Datsun Wagon – Tomica Limited Vintage or Hot Wheels?

There is no wrong answer.  I love both, and maybe for different reasons.  But what if I had to pick one?

Both are based on 510 Wagons, both command a high secondary value, both are sought-after by collectors, and both are not too easy to acquire.

But you only get to pick one.  Which will it be?  Here is a poll to make it easy:

Which Datsun Wagon?

And besides your vote, let us know why in the comments below, or on Facebook, or even on Instagram.

15 Replies to “JCCS Month, Datsun Wagon Edition: Tomica Limited Vintage or Hot Wheels?”

  1. Tomica TLV no doubt….. is the best ever detailed diecast evermade.
    From realistic details to amazing shock absorbers. Hot wheels when THed is always rocking with JDM.
    But TLV will be always ahead, regarding points.
    Votes will always favor HW as its more popular worldwide.

  2. I picked the Tomica. Well, the HW is OK for a dollar, and even more so as a Super Treasure Hunt which gives almost everything a premium has for the cost of a mainline.

    But, the Tomica is miles better as far as execution, proportions, and details are concerned.

    The HW is better price-wise at a dollar, while the Tomica is better at everything but price.

  3. You all are saying tomica, but so far hot wheels is winning because having a stock car is lame and boring while Hot wheels always adds thier creativity which makes thier models always better. Go Hot Wheels!

  4. But seriously this might be an unfair comp. since your audience is people from the usa and tomica is a japanese thing. What eva the case, station wagons are lame. So both these cars are not my top interest

  5. First of all, like it is said in the article, I don't think there is a wrong pick here.

    Having said that, accuracy, or the “stock” look aside(I appreciate them too), from a perspective of collector like myself who'd happily pay the premium for finer cars, I can't help but to see a compromise with the Hot Wheels.

    Selling for $1 is something to be applauded for in my opinion, but it is a handicap at the same time. With TLVs(Tomicas), that compromise is minimum. They also cost $10~$30 new, but TLV collectors also understand the reason for the premium. Just my point of view. I vote for TLV, but really, I think we have two winners here. I have both.

  6. Like them both, HW for being cheap and still giving a lot, Tomica for being detailed and realistic. Hard to compare the 2, they are playing in different league, and both good at what they are. So no winner and looser in this comparison to me.

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