Case Report: Opening two Sept 5th Kmart 36-count cases, and a mystery continues…

Who else took advantage of Kmart’s flub last week?

If you aren’t aware, Kmart put the September 5th Collector’s Event cases up for sale on their website last week.  That is very early.  Normally they pop up the week before the event so collectors can get them at about the same time as the event actually happens.  Not this time.

A friend sent me the heads up last week and I quickly purchased two.  It wasn’t until later that night, when I was going to post the info for Lamley readers, that I noticed in the description it stated that collectors should return August 30th to order.  I dug a little bit, and soon found out that the cases were not supposed to be available.  The next day the item was no longer listed.

So a few of us got our cases early.  Cool, eh?  And there doesn’t seem to be any reason to let them sit until September, so why not open them now and see what is inside?  I bought two, so let’s show two.

As always, the case as we open it and pull the models 3-by-3.

Case 1:

Case 2 (opened upside down for your amusement!):

Outside of the fact that I opened the second case backwards, you will notice they are both the same.  These are P cases, so those lucky enough to pull a Super will pull the Superbird.  Here are the notables:

The for Kmart exclusives  – which we will give the First Look treatment later this week – on the right, and the first-to-market and two Treasure Hunts on the left.

Yeah, two Treasure Hunts.  You can only go on what you see, so here is the evidence:

Rogue Hog (symbol on the model and on the card):

And that Fiat 500 we have talked about before:

So now it is confirmed that both the International and US carded Fiats have the Treasure Hunt logo and message (for US releases) on the card.  Does that mean it is a Treasure Hunt?  Technically, of course not.  Most likely the Fiat was slated to be a TH, but for whatever reason was scrapped late, too late for the cards to be changed.  I am sure Mattel will let us know soon.

But it is up to us collectors to define it how we want.  Call it what you want, the symbol is on the card.  We will have to see if that continues throughout the model’s run.  It’s cool nonetheless.

6 Replies to “Case Report: Opening two Sept 5th Kmart 36-count cases, and a mystery continues…”

  1. I think the Bluebird is just a mainline release coming out in the next few months that has nothing to do with Kmart or Kday. Also, my guess is that the Fiat was changed since it was not a Mattel-exclusive design as all but the pink/psychedelic VW Bug seem to be over the past year or so. It looks like the end of the checkered-yellow design on the Fiat may have been a flame to indicate TH, but for whatever reason it was scrapped. Maybe a flame on a police car would have been a faux-pas(?).

    Also, this case does not seem to have anything that pops as the must-have car. The $uper Superbird would be nice, though it does not have the pop or accompanying must-have cars that would be a draw to a Kday. Besides, I have never participated in a Kday event. I don't like going to Kmart on a normal day since it does not have anything I need to drive way out of the way. Also, the rants, gripes and overall negative posts throughout social media afterwards by disappointed $uper “collectors” are quite entertaining.

    Good luck to everyone all the same and thanks for sharing the P case opening photos.

  2. All the remaining 2015 releases have been revealed in the Q case through that seller in Texas that gets everything early. The Datsun wagon recolor was not in it. The only remaining 2015 releases are the November 2015 Kmart exclusives which won't get released until the 2016 b cases.

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