This week’s As is the Custom is now up on the Lamley Customs Blog…

A heads up to all our readers to head over to the Lamley Customs blog to check out this week’s As is the Custom.  It is a monster this week, full of all kinds of entries, in many different styles.  Be prepared, because there is a lot to look at and you might be there awhile.  The link is here:

As is the Custom on Lamley Customs

This week’s installment was put together by Customs Editor Seth Mananquil, and he is giving a lot of artists a should out.  It is cool to see our three editors starting to create their own voice.  They trade off editing the post each week, and if you are a regular visitor you will see that each post has a different vibe.

We have also heard from a few of you saying that you would like to see more variety on the posts, and that things are a little too JDM heavy.  Chris, Luke, Seth and I all agree.  Our goal is to showcase a variety of styles and automobile types, but the fact is JDM is dominating the custom scene everywhere.  We are all digging deeper into certain forums and Facebook groups for entries, but sometimes variety is hard to come by.

So if you are doing something different, or know someone who is, please send their work our way at  We would love to see it.

Enjoy the post

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