Just Unveiled: Kyosho Lamborghini Series 6…

Kyosho has unveiled its newest set, coming in September, and it is a welcome sight:

And yeah, of course a new set of Lamborghinis is always welcome, but considering the disaster that was the last Lamborghini set, this one is extra welcome.

As far as I know, all of these are existing castings, or at least most.  The Veneno hasn’t been part of a Series yet, but all – I think – have been seen before.  And of course new models would make collectors a little happier, but based on the these pics they look much better than Series 5.  That series was full of poorly executed duds.  If I remember correctly, Kyosho used a different factory and the models just didn’t look right.  Wheels too big, proportions off, and quality bad.

Since then seems to have gotten back to normal, and thankfully this Lambo set reflects it.  Hopefully that will be the same once we have it in hand.

Look for these models at Japan Booster in September, including the Karuwaza exclusive in blue instead of matte black.

(Thanks to 829 Japan for the info.)

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  1. That's good news. And it matches with the next Solido 1:64 collection announced after the VW's in France.
    I I may, the latest Lamborghini collection included the very beautiful Huracan, witch is not a bummer.

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