Year of the ’55 Gasser, Part 1: Hot Wheels Heritage Redline & Zamac Exclusives…

Yeah, it’s Part 1.

RLC members know what Part 2 will be, and rumor has it that will happen sometime in August.  We will wait until then for that, but Part 1 ain’t too bad.

In fact, no showcase featuring the ’55 Gasser is bad.  I am sure there exists a handful of collectors out there that don’t like the Gasser, but I haven’t met any.  But then again, I don’t ask.  That Bel Air Gasser is such a charmer, and I like to keep it that way.

I have no connection to the Gasser scene, nor do I have much interest.  But I can appreciate anyone’s passion for any particular car culture, and the Gasser racing scene is one of them.  On top of that, the model is so well done.  In my book, it can be in any series and I won’t be disappointed.  Make it a Super (done), and RLC Exclusive (on its way), put it in premium lines (see below), make it a Zamac (also see below), or make it a mail-in promotion.  No matter what, collectors will gobble it up.

And that should be the case with these two.  The next batch of Heritage – a Redline segment this time – is already hitting Walmarts, and within the next few days will also hit the Walmart Zamac exclusive.  Meaning, get your gasser on and head to Walmart.  (I should probably rethink that last sentence.)

Methinks there will be little protest about the Heritage Gasser.  Not much to get offended about.  In all honesty, it might be a little bland, especially compared with Zamac and RLC coming.  Its the Zamac that might cause a bit of a reaction.

But before you bemoan the hot pink windows and shiny blue rims, stop and look at it for awhile.  And remember, this is a Gasser.  It isn’t a tan Sierra.  There are reasons folks don’t race tan Sierras.  First, they are Sierras.  Second, they are tan.  A shiny unpainted Gasser with pink windows?  Bypass all and head to the starting line, friend, it is your time to shine.

And shine it does.  This is a FANTASTIC model.  This is a HAPPY model.  This is one of the best Zamacs released.  Whoever designed this color combo and deco?  Supersize their lunch today.

So take a look at these, enjoy the splendor of the Zamac (even with its crooked front wheel), and then prepare for the next version.  It is going to cause.  a.  frenzy.

Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (2015 Zamac Walmart Exclusive and Heritage Redlines):

The family of Gassers so far:

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  1. Absolute beauty with this casting. And the colored windows are perfect, as it is a mildly common sight to see that on customs and gassers of that era.

  2. Sure HWC gets their site fixed by then, been trying for a couple hours to get logged in and no luck yet, also heard it's not mobile friendly, a lot of people use their phones to do purchases so it'd be nice if that was fixed to.

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