Is the upcoming Hot Wheels Fiat 500 a Treasure Hunt?

Hot Wheels has given collectors a mystery to solve.

Soon this model will hit the pegs:

There is a lot to be excited about with this one.  Great color, great deco, excellent casting, and a perfect choice to sport an Italian Police livery.  No matter what, a great model.
But then a Lamley follower on Instagram, @gorditoshotwheels, sent us this interesting image:
Yep, that is the Treasure Hunt symbol on the card, just like it is on the other Treasure Hunts of 2015.  It must mean that this beauty is this batch’s Regular Treasure Hunt, and easily the best looking Treasure Hunt of 2015.
But there is one other indicator.  That symbol should also be on the car.  And we know people have looked and looked, but to no avail.  It doesn’t appear to be anywhere.
So is the Fiat a TH?  Is the symbol hidden anywhere?  Chris, aka gorditoshotwheels, inspected his over and over again, and thinks the symbol might be KIND OF there.  Is it this at the end of the yellow checkered pinstripe?  Here is a closeup:
Interesting eh?  I never thought I would be analyzing a small symbol this closely, but it appears the small portion at the top of the flame is there, followed by two larger flames below.  It isn’t perfect, and it obviously is missing the circle around it, but it is similar.
So what do you think?  Is the Fiat an upcoming Regular TH?  Is Mattel having a little fun with Regular TH-hating collectors?  Is it more clear than we think?
If it is a TH, it is the best of the year by a mile.  If it isn’t, it is still one of the better models released this year.  Either way, it goes into the collection.
What do you think?  TH or not?  

20 Replies to “Is the upcoming Hot Wheels Fiat 500 a Treasure Hunt?”

  1. Will definitely seek this Fiat 500 out. Love the Italian Police livery, would love to see more cars sporting the POLIZIA signage – particularly an Azure Blue Lamborghini Huracan (like the real deal).

  2. I think we may be trying too hard. The most possible event is that the logo on the card was put there by mistake. And besides, the TH logo and the “could-be” logo on the car don't match up.

    But its an awesome car and its going in my collection, whether TH or not.

  3. Here we are at that ever fine critical point where we define ourselves as adult collectors and not kids even at heart. “Mom … I love that blue police car. I WANT it.” “Honey…this one's a Treasure Hunt. It's going to be very valuable.”

  4. I picked it up to look it over as I had not seen this one yet. By chance, I saw the logo on the card and inspected the car paint to no avail. I bought it, of course. I notice that all those I've seen on the web have only the symbol on the card. Mine has the symbol and the written message beside it; as do all those I've ever found. Is the lone symbol common elsewhere?

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