Just Unveiled: 2016 Hot Wheels Porsche 934 Turbo RSR in Falken Tire livery…

This is a match we have been waiting awhile to see come together, and it is finally here.

Our friends over at Falken Tire have revealed the next Hot Wheels car to sport their racing livery, and it is none other than the Porsche 934.

Hot damn, that works.  The Porsche joins the Racing Mustang, ’70 AAR Cuda, and Toyota Supra as Hot Wheels sporting the iconic livery, (There have been others with the logo, but not the colors.) but there may not be a more appropriate model than Porsche.  We don’t know of a 934 in the livery, but we know of many Porsches:

Falken Tire gave us permission to share their photos, and we will most surely give the model the full Lamley treatment when it is out.

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  1. You CAN actually get a chance to win this car in a Re-Tweet sweepstakes Falken is holding right now. Here's the link: https://twitter.com/FalkenTire/status/621998538159845376/photo/1

    Also, look at the card. It's got a new designation at the side. An eagle-eyed commenter over at community Kinja site Live and Let Diecast noted that the “Speed Graphics” sub-set, with 10 liveried-up cars–non-HW liveries, by the way, but liveries from race teams and other companies

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