First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Toyota Supra Super Treasure Hunt, Basic, and a variation I finally DLM’d…

Let’s get one more Hot Wheels post in before Lamley goes all-Matchbox for the weekend…

News has been prevalent, and a week of meetings and traveling means I have been a little short on the Lamley features, so it is nice to put a car in the studio and give it some time.  And wow, how good do these two look?

I have moved away from most Super TH First Looks, because by the time they make it here legitimately, the photos have leaked, and the risk-taking sellers overseas and here in the US have shown all their pics.

But this is a Supra (I like Supras), and it is pretty cool.  And its basic counterpart is pretty sweet as well.  So, this isn’t the first time you have seen this one, but hopefully it is one of the best ways for a good gander.

This is a perfect Super TH.  There are definitely other decos I like better on the Supra, but this one just pops as a Super, especially with the mismatches colors on the rims.  Supers should be fun, and this one definitely is.

And yes it is red.  We will dedicate another post to that fact another time.  Even more relevant is how close the drift livery of the Supra is close to the AE86 Super from earlier this year.  Makes for a great duo, DLM’d of course.

At the end, I decided to show all the Supras, including the first pics of the chrome-lipped MC5 variation on the Falken Tire version.  I found one with a mangled card, so figured having a loose version wouldn’t hurt.  We have talked about this variation before.  Only found at Walgreens, so it might be worth checking them periodically.

Alright, the diecast portion of my brain is turning from blue to orange, as I get closer to Albuquerque and the Matchbox Gathering this weekend.  Gotta let that happen.

So enjoy the pics, while I make my through the New Mexico desert.

(Find the Supra at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Toyota Supra (2015 Super TH & Basic):

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  1. i see that your regular supra has no FALKEN logo near front right wheel (refer to card art)
    it could be an error as all regular supras i found follows the card art 😉

  2. Hi, i bought yesterday 9-pack with regular Supra, but it have front wheels the same like rear.I looked through dozens of photos on the web, and all Supras have the shining green trim of front wheels.Have you ever seen variations like mine (all wheels yellow)? or maybe i have error?

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