Case Report: Opening a 2015 Matchbox G Case…

Ok, Lamley is orange for the time being.

Today begins the Matchbox Collector’s International Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and of course I am there.  This is my 8th year in a row attending, and I don’t plan on missing any in the near future.

Mattel is, as always, coming too.  Only this time they decided to rely on their own mode of transportation:

Yep, as we speak, somewhere in the lower Four Corners states the ground is shaking as this behemoth rumbles by.  That is the Ford F350 Superlift Brush Fire Truck, which debuted at SEMA a few years ago, and was immortalized as a special SEMA 1:64 exclusive:

So at about the same time as I get in, arriving from the north (Durango, CO), so will Gerry and Abe, and they will do it much more stylishly than I will.  I can’t wait to see this thing again.

So yeah, with all the in-room trading, exclusive models, the charity auction, and Mattel’s presentation on what is coming, we will be reporting a lot.  The Lamley Blog will definitely not be taking its regular weekend off this time, so keep coming back.  We will debut the Dinner Model and Dealer Model right here on the blog the minute they are released at the show, and we will also pass along any interesting tidbits as we learn them, so keep watching out Instagram and Facebook feeds as well.

So how to start the weekend coverage?  How about with a Case Report?

As luck would have it, Mattel shipped the Matchbox G cases out this week to our friends at Wheel Collectors, and like the previous case, there is a nice amount of goodness within.  The models are listed here:

Matchbox 2015 G Case at Wheel Collectors

So like we do with new Hot Wheels cases, we asked Wheel Collectors to grab one case randomly and document what is pulled.  Matchbox cases are more standardized than Hot Wheels cases it seems.  They are smaller – 36 count – and they obviously don’t hold random Super Treasure Hunts.  So what you get in one case, you will most likely get in another.  But it is still interesting to see what is in there.

There are three models in this case that interest us the most, the BMW M5 Police, Dodge A100, and the 2013 Ford Cargo.  Let’s see what the numbers are of each.

So here is the G Case, as Wheel Collectors pull the models 3-by-3:

Not bad eh?  It is all about that BMW.  Wheel Collectors overnighted one to us that should arrive at the hotel today, and I will be taking pics as soon as I can.  Sure, no front or rear tampos is a bummer, but not a surprise.  The casting itself is fantastic.  I cannot wait to see it in person.

The Ford Cargo looks great too, and the A100 should a hit, as it always is.  A licensed livery on this one is a treat.  Some surprises include the VW Saveiro for our Brazilian friends, and another version of the Ford F350 that is coming to the Gathering.  Nice timing!

Matchbox is bringing it.  Let’s see if that will continue through this year and into 2016.  From what we have heard, that should be the case.  Stay tuned…

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  1. I like this A100 more than the first. Tampo situation on the Polizei Bimmer is a bummer. I may still get one, but I'll have to see.

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