Christmas in July: Datsun 510, DR30 Skyline, and the rest of the Tomica Limited Vintage July batch are now available at Japan Booster…

I am sure that I start to sound redundant at the mid-point of every month, when Tomica Limited Vintage releases its latest batch.  I get excited, deplore you to grab a couple of the latest models, ensuring you that you won’t be disappointed.

And it happens every month, right after we get the heads up from Japan Booster.

But I can’t help it.  It seems every month, right on schedule, TLV releases another batch of must-haves.  If it isn’t the GT-R Nismo, it is the MKIII Toyota Supra, or a Toyota Century.  And it won’t stop anytime soon, with more GT-R’s, Toyota Crown Wagons, BMW E30 Police, and Alfa Romeos coming.  If you aren’t used to me ogling over the new releases by now, you had better start.

And July is no exception.  You can see the new releases at Japan Booster (and remember, Free Shipping for all orders over $50):

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

This batch is loaded, and not just for the likes of dedicated TLV collectors like me, but for worldwide JDM fans in general.  This marks the debut of the Datsun 510 2-door sedan.

TLV has done several versions of the 4-door, but fans have clamored for the 2-door, which are the more popular among the j-tin set today.  Think BRE.  Think JCCS.  Hell, think Hot Wheels.  It’s the 2-door.  That makes these two TLV’s must-haves for many of you.

Add to that another DR30 Skyline from the Seibu Keisatsu Series.  This one is slightly different than the first three, in that is had no A- and C-pillar spoilers, and with the gold-lace wheels makes one beautiful model, similar to what you might see at a car show today (Jay, I am looking at you!).

On top of those goodies, a Toyota Celica Police from the Neo Taiyo Series, and 3 (three!) new versions of the purely Japanese Nissan Be-1.

See, an amazing batch.  The most amazing until, well, next month.

7 Replies to “Christmas in July: Datsun 510, DR30 Skyline, and the rest of the Tomica Limited Vintage July batch are now available at Japan Booster…”

  1. After losing both charity auctions, I decided to treat myself to the latest Seibu Keisatsu Skyline. I also had to order the yellow Bluebird after seeing the photo in this post!

  2. That Skyline is Machine RS, the prototype for RS-1 to 3.

    After successful results with Machine RS, I believe by Episode 15 of Season 3, they decided to to 2 more RS Machines, hence the birth of RS-2 and RS-1. They simply slapped the A- and C-pillar spoilers on, plus the lightbar from RS-1, and RS-3 was born.

    Compare the license plates of RS-3 with the ones on Machine RS and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Well I know which models I'll be treating myself to, and they aren't from this batch…

    I'll be getting the November batch Cedric in silver plus a few previous batch TLV's that are all Nissan sedans (a few Cedrics and Glorias).

  4. I just checked my preorders and was surprised to find that I have no preorder placed in November. I've had preorders every month, and thru January 2016 except that month! lol Maybe that'll change now. 😉

  5. Models for the November batch are up on TLV's website. I'm definitely getting the 1983 Nissan Cedric in silver, plus a silver 280E Gloria as well as 3 blue sedans (2 Cedrics and a Gloria.)

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