It’s going to be a big week on the Lamley Group Blog…

Last week might have seemed a little dry on Lamley.  That won’t be the case this week, so we thought we would give you a heads up to keep checking back.

We have Larry Scaduto’s second-to-last Ambassador Report coming later on Sunday, and a buildup to the Matchbox Gathering of Friends this coming weekend in New Mexico.  Matchbox will definitely have a heavy presence this week, including all the news from the Gathering (2016 New Models, Convention exclusives, etc).

But even with the orange them this week, some other brands will have their say as well.

It will start off with a bang on Monday, when we will showcase what will undoubtedly be a very popular Hot Wheels RLC model.  We have been waiting a long time to showcase this one, and we are excited that the day is finally here.

This is also the release weekend for new Tomica Limited Vintage, and Datsun 510 fans will need to pay close attention.

Lastly, Greenlight has released a MASSIVE amount of new stuff the last couple of weeks, and we have a ton to show.  They appear to be stepping up their game in a lot of ways, and there is a lot to like.  A small preview is below, but even better you should check it all out at the Wheel Collectors Greenlight store.

8 Replies to “It’s going to be a big week on the Lamley Group Blog…”

  1. No, that one will not be a Real Rider clad car, let alone a HWC series car. That will be a special single edition.

    For this one, think BIGGER.

  2. Here we go again, talking about 2016 Matchbox, when we still have not had last years, or the years before completed, and when will that Range Rover Evoque appear – i fear NEVER, especially after the LR4 Discovery4 was canned, i hope that LR are being a lot more discerning with their choices of partner, and not just allowing any Tom HW and MBX to reproduce… especially if they are not very good.

  3. I'm glad GL is getting some more attention. Back up a few years and all they did was the same old police cars and oversized wheeled models. Now that they've got their casting queue moving again, and tooled several new, accurately sized wheels to go with them, I've gone back to giving them my money. Of course, that won't stop people at their forums asking for every cop car for every litle town in every state out there, or crying because the lightbar on this or that model is wrong, but at least they're pushing for new models instead of retooling the stuff they've already done.

  4. Depends who you are. I know some people are going nuts over it thinking resale, and hype over previous releases of the low rider.

    For me, the jacked-in-the-air 4x4s were favorites as a kid, namely the Blazer 4×4 and Nissan Hardbody. That love of that style truck carried into current times and I love this upcoming truck.

  5. Oh, haha.

    Well I like that one as well. Not because of the hype, more the history behind the casting. And after watching the Jay's Garage video about his friend's modified 510, it made me appreciate the car itself more.

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